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Please no blinking gem on the store tab

So much in this game already has me enjoying it less and less, and then I log in to be greeted by a blinking object that I can not make go away? I am a sad panda right now.

Even if I have to open the store each game session to make it go away, please, please make it possible to not have something constantly blinking at me, making me think I need to interact/complete something in game.


At least that thing is only temporary for the sale. The green exclamation mark for the daily quest, on the other hand, is driving me nuts. I don’t do the daily quests and I would love the game to stop putting the darn exclamation mark there…


If the gem didn’t blink, I would find it easier on the eyes.


That would be an acceptable compromise for me. Or only have it blink until you open the shop screen, and then have it just be an icon over the shop button instead of blinking. The constantly blinking gem is incredibly distracting.


Yes, Sheba. Thank you! I’d raised this very same exclamation mark issue in the 4.0 Feedback thread yesterday afternoon.

I hope that darn exclamation mark goes away (i.e. back to how it was before 4.0)!

As for the flashing gem… I agree about that too. It may be temporary, but it’s good that it is mentioned now, in case they get any ideas for future sales to continue to do it again. At least not having it flashing. The graphic itself isn’t bad.

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I don’t see why people need to complain about this… some people might find it handy, and it makes a lot of business sense to highlight the gem sale…

I don’t get why people are spending enough time on the map screen for this to be annoying. Surely the vast majority of game time is spent in battles, actually playing the game; the map screen is just a momentary transition screen as you go from menu to menu and game mode to game mode…

PS: I also like the flashing exclamation mark on the daily tasks… I try to do them every day and I like the reminder that they’re outstanding to do…

Perhaps such task indicators could be optional… but the gem sign on the shop is for business reasons and I doubt will be removed…

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I do not like flashing anything’s, they always distract me or else I start counting how many times it is blinking and for how long, there should be an option to remove a lot of the flashey stuff in this game


There’s always one that feels the need to prostrate themselves before the masters to kiss their boots! Bah!

It is irritating. End of.

Here, look! Gems! Sale! Look! Keep noticing, yes, that’s right! Look! Buy! Spend! Go on!

If you had someone constantly sitting right next to you, prodding you and whispering into your ear; you’d get pretty annoyed with them to say the least.
That’s exactly what this is. A nuisance.

It is being promoted on the news and events tab that pops up whenever you start the game. It’s literally the first thing you see once you’ve logged in. I think that is sufficient.

I agree with the daily task exclamation mark being irritating. I’d understand if you’d completed a task and had to manually collect the reward. So it, in that capacity would serve as a reminder which is nice. But it doesn’t as the rewards are granted automatically. Therefore it’s useless and irritating.


It is incredibly annoying and distracting.


You don’t enjoy all the gems and gem/glory key rewards?

I love the daily quests, I’m sorry they disinterest you.

Do you often hang out on the map screen? I’m usually in pvp or casual pvp, I hardly notice it unless I’m collecting tribute or getting mail.

Do you really feel people that aren’t bothered by it are in someway being deceptive to earn approval from the devs?

Feedback goes both ways, I may not like guild wars, but plenty of people do. Does that mean they are being deceptive, because they don’t agree with me, or feel as I do?

It’s not that they disinterest me, but going through the hassle of making teams just for the daily tasks is just too much for me. Too much troop menu lag, too much fiddling around (I have serious issues to reorder the troops, they just like to replace each other, no matter how much I try to position them correctly), too much of a lot of things. I do the daily tasks which do not require me to go through that or other obnoxious stuff (arena wins, ugh). The rest indeed doesn’t interest me, though most of that stems from making teams being pretty obnoxious. I feel like scrolling through the banner section already takes me longer than completing the battles for the task (yeah, that is exaggerated, but I hate going through the banner menu because the layout is obnoxious and there keep being more and more banners now, with the Factions…).


Absolutely dislike all the flashing things that will not go away after being “acknowledged”.

I hang out on the map while in chat. Which is often. At this point, I have four flashing notices that just.won’t.stop.


I totally agree. The little daily thing on the left hand side of the screen always flashes as soon as you turn the game on and you have to push right bumper to get rid of it. Since when has the task needed a reminder to be done. Irritating LOL

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I agree with you there are a lot of people who have and suffer from OCD. It may be a small issue for some and it might seem to be an annoying complaint to others. But at the end of the day it’s a really big issue for somebody who suffers from OCD and they have tics. I think it may be a really good idea to get rid of flashing anything that you can’t get rid of on the screen.

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I don’t know if it will help, but I tend to go with a hero weapon like dawnbringer, or black manacles, and look for “link” whenever I have a troop task. I then go to Divinion Fields challenges, and just spam the first challenge for quick completion of the task.

The mobs die really fast.

Otherwise, I’m sorry you experience those issues when trying to do the daily tasks.

Thank you for MrsAffects for pointing out that something like this isn’t as trivial for some folks as it might be to others.

I really only posted this feedback for the devs because I was telling my guild that this blinking beast was probably going to be the straw that broke the camel’s back, pushing me away from the game completely. Someone suggested, hey, at least write in and complain so they can’t say they never got told. That seemed reasonable.

This game has been my primary gaming focus for I think nearly two years now. My peak ‘happy time’ playing this game was after wading through a lot of guild drama due to the introduction of Guild Wars, I finally found a home in a guild that was focused on GW, and had a pretty good consensus in regards to goals and focus in the game. Then GW went to every third week, and more and more aspects were introduced to the game, each making it feel slower and more like a job than a fun casual game. Yeah, yeah, sure, “You don’t have to do it all.” However, anything to maximize your troops/stats doesn’t feel like something that can ignored if you are trying to help your guild be competitive at the B1/B2 GW level.

I stopped reading the giant advertising popup that greets us every time we open the game on about day 3, and it’s just an annoyance at this point. (Maybe make it appear more sporadically? Just a thought). And then the gem blinking at me non-stop showed up…At least consider making the gem stop blinking once we’ve opened the store. Have the store open to whatever think you want to sell us the most, and then we’ll have seen it, and have chosen to buy/not buy. But then please consider the work of the blinking gem to be complete.

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I vote to get rid of it too. Or at least stop once I look at it once.

If there is no loot to collect then why flash. False advertising imo.

We get enough pop ups in game about deals.

I just hit pvp. Not shop! :joy:.


On PC at least, you cannot position troops. You can only replace.

If you try to pick up a troop and put it between two other troops, it will not work. You can only put it directly on top of a troop, and replace the troop that was there.

(If you try to put it in between two troops and are a little closer to one than the other, you will then replace the troop you are close to placing on top of.)

I remember this was very counterintuitive for me.