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Please let us buy glory rewards in batches!

Could we please buy glory rewards in batches? I usually have around 60,000 or more glory to spend on Monday, and I usually choose to buy 50 of the new troop. So, I have to click Buy 50 times! And I’m trying to harvest souls to get Dawnbringer, but I never use glory rewards because I have to click once for every 100 souls I want instead of just a few clicks to say “I want to spend 36,000 glory to get 20,000 souls, please”.


This has been requested a 100 times now but i don’t understand why it’s so difficult to implement.

They could simply change the purchase option like keys 1, 50, 100 but again from a non-techincal background maybe words are easier than coding.

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In a recent Twitch stream, they mentioned there is an old code limitation preventing them from allowing the user to pick their own amount of an item to purchase in the store. However, Sirrian did say they may be able to offer “bundles”. For example, 1 at a time, 50 at a time, etc.

If they do this, I hope they offer the bundles for the glory troop in groups based on how many cards are needed for different ascension levels. So, if you know you want to take the glory troop to legendary for example, you could just hit one button and pay for enough cards to ascend it to legendary.


Many thanks for your reply.

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You’re not alone in your request, and I think people should keep asking for it politely. The devs seem to know we want it, but it seems like this is a fairly reasonable explanation (and I mean no judgement attached):

At some point, a long time ago, the GoW devs had to contract a third party to write some of the GoW code for them. Worse, the game’s platform wasn’t Unity then, so for this code to work on all platforms it had to be written in a language different from what the GoW devs use. Since that code is very old, was written by someone else, and isn’t the same language, it’s very difficult for the devs to modify it.

We know “the cost of changing classes” is one of the things that was in this code. I’m pretty sure “the number of keys you can open at once” is in there. It’s possible the shop logic was in there, too. There are some shop-like things that let us choose amounts, but if you look at the timeline it turns out almost all of those things are very recent.

There is hope, however! The class-change cost is changing. It’s possible the devs have “finished” enough of GoW they have time to visit tasks like, “Start rewriting stuff we can’t change.” One thing I know about that kind of thing is when you set about untangling a mess like that, the more you untangle the easier it gets.

It would be great fun to see this code and take a stab at doing some of the untangling.

And yes, I agree that that is a reasonable explanation.

I think “bundles” could offer their own set of problems, much like keys already do. Two good examples of that are: Daily Tasks and Event Keys.

If you have hundreds of keys, you have limited options (1, 50, 200), but if you have a task to open only 30 Glory keys, you either have to spend 20 extra keys that you don’t want to, or click the 1 key button, 30 times. Both are rather annoying, in their own right. Especially, if you are saving Glory keys for a Mythic that’s right around the corner. 20 extra keys may not be much, but you never know, it could be the difference between getting the Mythic or not.

Event Keys have their own issues. If you only have 300 keys, you might not want to burn 200 of them for a new Legendary, but even 50 is a lot to you. So, you either “suck it up” and do that, or do it one at time, which can be annoying, especially if you ended up spending 50 or more keys getting the new troop, in the end, anyway.

Now, while Glory troops don’t have this direct problem, with bundles, it could be easy to still “over-spend”. For example, you need 19 copies to Mythic and have 4 total copies of an Epic troop. If they offer a 1 and 20 bundle, that’s not too bad, by buying the bundle, you’re only “over-buying” 1 copy, it’s only 400 Glory.

But, what if it’s an Ultra Rare troop? That’s takes 44 copies to Mythic and get extra. And what if they had 1 and 50 bundles, then you are “over-buying” 6 copies, and now you’ve “over-spent” about 2,000 Glory.

Or, what if Glory bundles are “standardized” like Keys are. So, every week, regardless of rarity, and the bundles were 1 and 50. By buying a bundle, you could easily “over-spend”, every week, getting a troop to Mythic.

So, at what point would the “over-spending” stop being worth it to you? At what point would you go “You know what, I would rather spend time and save resources, than spend resources, and save time.”

I know we don’t know what number any of these bundles will be, but I assume they will be “set” like Keys, regardless of Troop Rarity. So, we could run into the same issue with Keys where you still might be better off doing some things 1 by 1, because you end up “over-spending” when buying too much at once.

Edit: Now, someone might say: “Well, Striker, if you get an extra copy or two, it’s not the end of the world. You also get other stuff with each buy like Gold and Keys. Plus, if you get over 4 Mythic copies, just Disenchant for souls.”

Now, while this is true, personally, I hate buying more of a troop after it’s Mythic with 4 total copies. I believe it’s a waste of resources, at that point. Yes, you get souls from Disenchantment. But, we all know that’s a pittance and anyone who could afford to Mythic, say, an Ultra Rare troop, via Glory, probably has more than enough souls, already. They probably even have plenty of the other Offerings that come from buying the Glory troop, as well, like Gold.

All I’m saying here is, why spend more than you need to, all because these bundles are “static” instead of a “select a number to buy”. And, yes, I know Glory Troops could go that way, but my original point was how they would work, if they were like Key bundles. It could be problematic in much the same way that keys already are.

As long as they always offer a 1 by 1 offer, nothing is lost in comparison to what we have now. Obviously, the best solution will be them updating the code in the future to let players enter the exact number they want. Until then, I’ll happily take the bundled amount compromise.

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True, nothing is “lost”, but if they do the feature like they do Keys, less people might be likely to use it, especially, if they know and “care” about the those lost Resources.

I can only speak for myself here, but personally, I’m very conscious of how I spend my resources. And, if I knew I would be spending extra amount of Glory by buying a bundle, than just doing it 1 by 1, I would do it one by one. Ive been doing that ever since they changed how Key Bundles work. I always try to do the least “expensive” option, possible.

Yes, this would be the perfect solution. But, it hasn’t even happened for Keys, yet. So, we shouldn’t hold our collective breath.

Why not have the bundles be in the amounts of troops that you specifically need to ascend? E.g., my available options might be 1, 6, and 16 if I had none of the troop, but they would be 1, 3, and 13 if I already had 3 of them.

Clearly that math should be possible…

That could work, but it might be too “hard” to code. It would probably be easier/less time consuming for them to just do a “set” amount, like they do with Keys. But, I do like your idea. And I like the “fill in the blank” amount you want idea as well. Both have their merits. “Set” bundles really dont, except for convenience, but it comes with a “price”, same as keys.