Devs, Why Don't We Have

  • buy multiple items from chests at once and
  • Ascend all or AT LEAST 1 click max cards to ascend a single card rather than pressing an arrow 50 times

yet? I mean seriously, these are such basic quality of life issues that should have been in the game at the start AND people have been begging for them since the beginning. Do you have any idea how annoying it is spending 3000 glory on souls 25 glory at a time?

Given how frequently “click-once Ascend” comes up as a feature request, I’d expect it to be addressed soon. (Right, @Sirrian?) :wink:

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please tell me you’re not buying 40 souls vs 25 glory packs …

Sirrian could I please sell him some of my souls for his glory ?! I’ll beat the shop’s deal and pay 50 souls per 25 glory, np!


Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t they change the Ascend mechanic awhile back so you don’t actually have to click it 50 times; I think it’s closer to 5 times to get to 50? Regardless a 1-click option would be nice.

Well, I have even better offer: 100 souls for 25 Glory :smiley:
But seriously: @DamageInc, buying Glory with souls is the worst way to spend it. At least in the long run and if you care about traiting troops, weekly packs are the best offer.


For 50 sacrifices, it’s ten times - one click per five - and for 100, it’s also ten times - one click per ten.

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Seems like it would be easy enough to change the values to where it would be one click. I wonder why they haven’t done this yet.

I feel like perhaps they might like the way it is now? Or it may be more complicated/time intensive than I realize. I just can’t think of any reason why we don’t have a one click ascend button. I can understand why it doesn’t automatically do it, since that seems like it would be more complicated… but there really isn’t a valid excuse I can think of to explain why we haven’t gotten this most requested feature yet. I wish they’d take a step back from designing so many cards and take a tiny bit of time to make a few quality of life changes. That would be more appreciated than an extra card per week for awhile, you’d think.

I just hope they don’t remove the “one trigger” functionality from console as we move toward the PC version. :grinning:

Don’t forget to bring back disenchant all as well.

My left mouse started double clicking while I was disenchanting an average 100 copies each of over 250 troops… After 3 hours of swearing, I was finally able to get the mouse back together with the tiny worn out spring bent back in place. I will probably need a new mouse soon thanks to this game. I can’t imagine disenchanting on mobile or console.

thanks for the tips on buying the weekly packs instead of souls. ANYTHING that gives more arcanes is a good idea!

lol for real. I refuse to disenchant anything until there is a bulk option. That would just be obscene.

Wait so you’re telling me you don’t like clicking it 50 times? Next thing, you’ll be telling me you don’t like 30,000 times to disenchant all of your extra troops.

Oh yes please include a disenchant x 10 or 20 or 50 or 100 option. The current setup is painful.

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LOL WHY are you purchasing souls when you can just use Valkyrie that can give you 120 souls per match that only takes a few minutes?! Use her in “Challenges” and get even more souls. You can seriously have over 1,000 souls within roughly 20 minutes.

I don’t claim to be a pro =) I learn by coming here!