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Please fix rewards to all players

Not fair against new players or low time players and even with the new update coming , new gamers cant even get the new Mytical troop.

They should do better things with giving rewards. You only get good rewards when you get in top 500 in pvp well alot of people can only play 2 hours a day! So for them its not going to happen for good rewards also with guild when you have 20 guilds with 10 people in it playing 8 hours a day… you cant do anything good.

Try to find a reward section for newbies’s and lower guilds. And not ranked on trophies but points.

I would say wipe the whole leaderboard and start fresh, points giving like this and ( NO TROPHIES)

Day 1 brown: Your team can hold 4 troops each troop with brown color counts 200 points so max 800 , if your team has another color you only get 100 points for that troop , each enemy defeated 200 points any color , and if the troop you defeat is also brown you get 100 points. Why non brown give you more points?
This is to your benefit of playing with a full brown team. Also keep the points giving and calculated now for fast game , extra turns and so on…

Also pulling this line in PVP , no trophies just based only daily color points giving to your guild.

I think this way it would people to use other troops than Queen Mab and Kralen or Troll team. It would be so that if someone plays with a brown team versus non brown and lose still get more points for his guild and himself.

And each bracket winner guild get 500 gems. And to keep profitting of this away you cant join another guild in the week you are and the next week, because it would be easy to start a new guild for easy brackets the other week to get another 500 gems.

King Regards

Why not just start all new players with all the troops… have your first inherited troop from the tutorial as famine fully traited. Make sure everyone has every possible combination and give them unlimited resources and make it a 100% chance of getting the new mythic.

You’re not supposed to have mythic characters immediately, the grind you put in initially, finding troop combos and finding out the mechanics of the game are all part of being new. When you finally do get that first legendary/mythic it means a lot more.

I’m an end game player and also recently tried a new account just to see how it is. Knowing what I do made it daunting but you have so much game to play before getting stuck in the pvp/gw/explore grinds. It’s supposed to build you into the game, everyone knows rnjesus is an unforgiving mother but if you take it away you’re left with hardly any point in playing the game.

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OP strikes me as an “I want it now,” and “you’re not giving it to me fast enough” type.

While I agree somewhat that it is seemingly improbable to get a Mythic troop to drop from a Glory or Gem chest opening (still no luck on this end [insert “sad face” here]), obtaining decent rewards is certainly not impossible. It just depends on how much effort and time one is willing to spend with the game.

I’m still at Hero Level 37, and by simply farming Treasure Maps and doing the Treasure Hunt mini game (like over a thousand of 'em :upside_down_face:), I have quite the collection of troops, with over fifty of them being fully traited and the traitstones (but not the “stones” :wink:) to be able to fully trait quite a few more. I am missing only a few of the Legendary and Epic troops like Abhorath, Behemoth, Celestasia, Sekhma, Venoxia and Scarlett, but I have all the other ones.

All of my kingdoms are at Level 10 (minus the ATK Kingdoms, which are at 9, tho I have more than enough gold to max 'em to 10… just didn’t, as it would hamper my map farming method), and I even have four of the HP kingdoms at 5-star.

And, OP, get this… F2P, no Guild, no PvP, VIP Level: 0. :smirk:

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