Please don't freeze game on alt-tab out

There is a number of items in this game that take a long time.
Which is nice, at first, but not when you play a lot.

For example the buff animations at the beginning of a battle, and the slow speed at which the AI takes it 20 turns in a row.
Both of these could be fixed by a SKIP button, and a FAST PLAY button respectively.
But this discussion is not about these issues.

It is however about the game not allowing me to go do something else while this is going on.

Is there a reason why you freeze the game when the game window on PC loses focus?
If so, please reconsider it…

I love your game, and I love playing it…
But watching the AI play for minutes at end, just bores me to death…


This is a long-standing complaint that will probably not be addressed until the team completes the transition from Adobe Air to Unity as their rendering platform.


To add to Lyya’s comment. The reason given is that it’s a restriction of AdobeAIR, so it hasn’t been something that could be fixed until now (with the upcoming change to Unity)


That’s good to hear, and probably my nr 1 change I’m looking forward to :slight_smile:

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