Game freezes during fights

Platform, device version and operating system:
PC (Acer notebook, Intel Core i3-4030U CPU 1.90Ghz, 4GB RAM) , Windows 10 (64bits, with the latest updates.,

Screenshot or image:
Not needed and kind of useless in this particular problem

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
I was trying to play the game normaly, and during fights the game freezes, the screen stops moving during animation. It keeps like that indefinitely, I tryed waiting more than 1 hour, nothing happens, moving the mouse changes the cursor on screen between the little hand and selection arrow of the game (I play windowed), but clicking anywhere never works, the screen do not move again.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
It happens with a chance of like 5% and can happen in any mode, the most frustrating is when it happens in Delves and events that uses sigils, I experienced this screen freeze more than 30 times, I lost count how many times it was exactly. It started happening when I came back to playing the game after all the updates (I didn’t played for a long time), on the end of 2018 I think.

Steps to make it happen again
Just playing the game, my team is focused on exploding multiple gems, don’t know if that influences in anything, I use The Dragon Soul a lot but keeps changing my team and had the freeze occur even when no TDS was present and with multiple different teams. The last time it occurred I was on a fight with Tower of Doom, after a very lenghty fight, the game freezed on me again, what motivated me to make a report.


Sorry you’re having this issue!

A screenshot would actually be very helpful, can you please take one next time this happens?

Do the animations keep playing or do they freeze too? (ie, effects on troops, Gem match hints?)
Can you select the chat or settings or are they unclickable?
Can you select your Troops and view their info or also not clickable?

The next time it happens I’ll take the SS.
The freeze is complete, no movement happens on the the screen, nothing is clickable, the cursor changes when moved but do nothing when I click (nothing that moves the screen at least). The only change I ever get is the cursor itself, that changes when I click some places. I can’t open the chat, can’t open setings, can’t see the troops info, nothing.

It happened outside a fight this time, but the behaviour of the game is the same, so here is a Screenshot

Now during a fight, Chalenges

Now it froze during the Tower of Doom event, this is absurdly frustrating

One more freeze, explore mode now.

Can you please try the troubleshooting here?

Please let me know if it helps improve the issue or not, even if it happens less frequently, knowing that would be helpful.

You may be able to try Step 6 in-game, as well, since it doesn’t freeze straightaway for you. The lowest graphics settings include:

  • Graphics Quality: Low
  • Blur Quality: Off
  • High Quality Water - unchecked
  • (Festive Themes - unchecked? Rarely applies, anyway)
  • (Not sure about the Power Saving mode)

Not sure if relevant, but just in case it helps :slightly_smiling_face:. Explosions and other/similar animations tend to use up a lot of memory.

Will try the troubleshooting, I usually play with the bellow settings