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Background activity steam version

hi, i find annoying that game go on pause everytime i go alt+tab; it would be very nice if i could do my things when gow is loading, or doing some battle move, or in general, don’t you think? :slight_smile:

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Yep. One of the most aggravating deficiencies of the PC game, in my opinion. Apparently it’s a limitation of Adobe Air, or at least that’s the reason someone gave me when I asked. (I’ve seen no comments on this from a dev.)


The adobe air thing has been confirmed multiple times from @Sirrian i thought

Ya from what i found, the devs mention it alot

Which of those pertains to the alt-tab halting play issue?

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You mentioned adobe air not being confirmed from a dev. I was simply confirming that they have mentioned adobi air, i did not grab more than a small sample size of what they have said about it. There are many instances to go through and trust me it is more than one page of hits.

I know they’re using Air, it’a no secret. What I don’t know is if the need to pause in the background is (a) a fundamental limitation of Air, (b) a workaround for a bug in Air, or © completely unrelated to Air as a UX platform. I’ve seen assertions of the first (maybe second) case, but they didn’t come from the devs, so it’s just speculation in my opinion.

Oh i see, i must have misread your comments. I apologize for that. I might sniff around, the devs have talked a lot the what ever adobe air is considered, maybe they have mentioned if one of the above is the case.

If it helps, this is the best I could find: