Why pause in background?

Hi everyone. I play Gems of War on mobile and PC, and I’m more than a little addicted! I was wondering if there’s a reason why the PC client pauses when it goes into the background (that is, when another app is activated overtop, or when you alt-tab away). Some of the animations that cover up loading or long chains take a while, and I tend to multitask while I’m waiting. As well, when I tab away even when the game is idle, I see the loading screen every time I come back. I’d like to see the developers address this, or at least make an option to allow the game to continue playing when not active.

Thanks for listening!


+1 To this. A very much needed improvement.

It’s something I’d like to see as well. I also found this, posted on Steam over a year ago:

Game in background // alt-tabbing


@dhjl You know… you’ve already provided the solution a while ago :slight_smile:

Bluestacks 2. Since gems of war runs inside of the emulator… if you tab out of the emulator, it does not stop running the process.

I suspect its something to do with how mobile apps work. Given that the Steam version is basically the same as the mobile version… what happens if you ‘tab out’ on a mobile? You can’t have it chugging away then.

Obviously we’d rather PC did though - or at least had the option to.

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Actually you can leave it running. (I do it regularly when playing against goblins.)

The trick is to use the Windows keyboard button, then select the program you’re wishing to run from the taskbar.

I can’t promise this’ll work for all systems (especially ones without the Windows button), but I know it works fine for me.

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Thanks @Zelfore, I didn’t know about that.

[quote=“Zelfore, post:6, topic:3873”]
I can’t promise this’ll work for all systems[/quote]
Which OS are you on? For me, it works on Windows 7 but not 8.

Also 7. I’d love to here whether it works on Windows 10 though.

Doesn’t seem to work on Windows 10 here.

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I can concur with @Shimrra. It doesn’t work for me either on win 10 :frowning: