Don't pause the game when it loses focus

This is a feature request for Steam version.

Everytime the game loses focus, it pauses completely, and then it goes through a quick load when it regains focus.

I’d like to request that the game keeps moving when it loses focus. A few reasons for that:

  1. The game is not fast-paced at all, so you’ll never face any bad consequences or lose any matches if the game plays by itself.
  2. Sometimes I wanna take notes (with a notepad or excel sheet on my second monitor), and it’s really annoying to have that reload everytime I type something elsewhere.
  3. Have you ever fought Goblins? How could you not, right? Sometimes, they get a sequence of moves, and I always think that I could be just checking a short message or doing something quick elsewhere, but thinkng about the reload makes me give up. Same thing when you’re getting long cascades, like in Treasure Hunt.
  4. It’s not rare that I play while listening to my own music. If I wanna pause, skip any song, the game has to pause and I have to wait for it to reload again.

It’s not a big deal, but I really wish the game didn’t pause when it lose focus. It’s that little thing that keeps bugging you, and maybe all that was left for it to be gone was just you take a few seconds to ask.

Since I’ve even seen many games with that feature as an option, I really hope this could be implemented.

Thanks for reading!


I agree with this request. However the devs have said in the past that this is an issue with Adobe Air and as such is not easy to fix.

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This has been asked before. It may be a limitation of Adobe Air, but hopefully that’s not still the case.

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This a million times this, I often play gems when watching netflix, or grinding out something on WoW. It is incredibly frustrating to contend with the focus loss when doing either. If it is still an engine issues, I understand, and as a primarily mobile player, I am not as affected as others.

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