Please devs...nerf the forums

Please devs, I don’t know how many more nerf BD or nerf EK posts I can take. Every time I log into the forums that’s all I see anymore. The forums are supposed to be a place for all kinds of issues and suggestions but all I ever find are nerf posts and it’s the same 2-3 discussions again and again and again. The forums nerf posts are just too popular and must be nerfed.



Buff EK to stoneskin. Make EK great again!


Buff Bone Dragon.


Nerf Miner!


Make Hag prettier…


Bone Dragon is ridiculously weak!!
His spell should be buffed to:
Destroy the Armor of ALL enemies create X skulls

The devs should also fix the mechanic so when you create more skulls than the board can hold then it fills up the rows above so you can cascade into even more skulls. Literally raining death upon multiple opponents with a single casting!!

Then BD MIGHT be as useful as Bunni’nog… just sayin’… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Give Goblins more extra turns, lower mana costs and higher damage. *nod


And then I said to him, “nerf them? I barely knew her.”


Maybe it’s about time Nerfs got their own category.
I’m not sure if I’m serious or joking.


LMAO-- I actually almost posted this same thought… so… Take that for what its worth


This would make my day. Then, I would promptly run to mute that category. What a lovely dream!


How about we just ban complaints altogether. That would make the forums much more enjoyable.

Not sure about the GAME though.

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Nerfs are useful too. It just stinks when people know the Devs are going to nerf him in a few weeks, but still post asking them to nerf him tomorrow. Of course some people miss this information, but still. What the forums really need is a top pinned-post of everything the Devs have talked about of relevance. Then maybe people wouldn’t have to go looking for information or miss it.

In the same token, I think we need a dumpster fire category.


It’s a nice dream but people tend to be lazy or lacking in the cognitive department (either of the short term or chronic variety) and no amount of organization or ease of use will completely remove such annoyances, unfortunately.


Yeah it probably wouldn’t help at all. I would say most of the nerf threads come specifically from a frustrated manner. “I can’t believe what I just witnessed!!!” Wait til the forums hear about this.


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And to be fair, there seems to be a lot of complaints from console users about Khorvash, who has already been nerfed on PC/mobile largely to no effect.

I can understand being fed up about the Bone Dragon complaints when the Devs have effectively committed to fixing it in 3.0.

But the Khorvash thing is valid. They heard the initial complaints. They changed him. It didn’t really fix anything, so they need to hear about it again.

That’s the product lifecycle in action.

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What about Nerf the troop? It could debuff on skulls and have a debuff spell…

Only problem is that on console, we got a minor Khorvash nerf and a weekly event that gives him a 25% buff at the same time. What’s one more mana when he’s going to do 31 true damage to two troops? He ‘loses’ 25% armor by going from Stoneskin to Armored, then gets a 25% armor (and life) boost. I think we should wait until next week when we have a “new normal” Khorvash before we get too worked up.


It’s Nerf or nothin’!


He’s still very prevalent in the PC/mobile defense meta. You were warned. :smiley: