This isn't about nerfing. It's about balance


The beauty and fun of this game is the wide range and variety of classes and types. For some reason, the Devs have had this insane obsession with the Divine type. I would like to implore and remind people that Mythic should not automatically equal Divine.
The solution is simple. Start focusing on other classes and types and this will eventually restore the variety and balance in the game.


I’d say it’s about playtesting.
Such abominations should not reach the playing field.


The next Divine, according to the spoilers… is… wait for it… a divine monster.

Can we stop this shit right now? While we still have time? This is not the face of divinity. Wtf.


Another of these threads lol


A Divine Monster???!!!
Well of course, that makes perfect sense! Lmao

At this point, the Devs are just trolling Trump style in an epic way…


Divine Daemon is after that?


Nah, probably a Divine Divine


Does it get half mana from Ishbaala for its divine typing, and then the other half from Ishbaala for its other divine typing?


So I just popped by to see whats been going on, But i see its the same OLD same old. Haven’t been playing the game, going on two months. This game has been “Divine’s of War” for a while now. The dev’s completely killed balance a long time ago and will continue to do so. Just look at the Spoiler release list, and lose all faith…SMH

Also the Dev’s don’t even realize they are creating a toxic community. Just looking thru all the treads most of them are purely negative, players auguring back and forth on whats OP and whats not, or the standard guild recruitment.

I seriously have doubts if this community will survive another year.

BUT >>> I’m just a guy on the internet :yum:


You aren’t lying. I’m stepping down to a lower guild,and practically going into hiding until they fix this. The game,and community have become toxic. The game as of right now is broken,not just in the teams you face but it’s literally broken,chat don’t work,the game freezes after every match or if you just want to edit a team. I love my guild,but if all there is are over powered divine teams then there is no point in playing in the higher brackets. At this point the devs are trolling the community now,and it’s not even funny. I busted my ass and put my heart into the game,and yet now i’m losing half my pvp battles because I only have the option to fight a divine team. I passed on getting the divine protector because at the time,it sucked & they buff it a week after only for it to become the most powerful weapon in the game,and now I can’t get it. To me that’s like the devs spit right in my face,and as a long time player(since launch) I found that disrespectful. As an individual,and supporter of the game,I’m not happy,and I know there are several others who are sharing in this frustration. When the game does something right I’ll praise it,but when you scorn me,I’ll let 'em know.


Sorry, but it’s not broken. A broken game is unplayable, GoW is not unplayable as you and 10.000’s more are still playing. Why all the exaggerating?


Well,sorry,I think it is broken. It freezes all the time,& lags during matches constantly. I’m hardly ever exaggerating. Yes you can play it,but it’s insufferable right now,so to me,that’s broken. You’re splitting hairs on a forum that’s here for players to vent their frustrations with the game.


Ah, why are you torturing yourself with playing a broken game? I try to avoid those by all cost. Don’t we all?? However GoW doesn’t fit into the “broken game” category IMO.


Some say they cant play but it takes 18k points to get in top 100 and 130k so far to be #1 at least on xbox. I remember when 10k would assure you top 100 so this game is played more than ever. As for Meta it certainly has not stopped people from posting big number in guild wars. 1st place on xbox was nearly 1.6 million. These are the facts and facts don’t lie.


More are playing now then ever on ps4 as well. No one is really a fan of the new events but boy they love to pvp.


A simple solution is to make all troops divine, winner :+1:


At the very begining, the half-mana is used to strengthen those weak races or small races such as orcs, especially when they lack ways to gain energy rapidly.
While, the divines have many engines as well as super mythic troops that can do great damage. They are going stronger, too strong, and with little price.


The “half-mana start” traits are a mistake. Because for this kind of traits, you need a careful every-week balance that we don’t have.
It takes always ages for devs to balance because they always waiting fot the stats…


Again the problem isn’t the 1/2 mana start, the problem is they keep releasing stronger troop, this as to effect to reduce decent troop from the pool. So at the end only 10-15/400 troops are viable. They really should take a break and rework every old troops to increase the decent troop pool and then we will start to see more diversity


Sadly, that is not how gacha-based games work, in general. While there might be the rare and occasional revamp of old troops through a kingdom rework, it is almost always not in the best interests of the developers to rework old troops from a monetization perspective. Releasing new troops, which power creep old troops, continually provides incentives for players to keep chase these new OP troops. The vast majority of troops will always be nigh-useless to end-gamers.

After all, why chase the shinest new mythic when the currently existing ones are perfectly servicable in the meta? Especially when the latest and greatest of OP mythics costs thousands of gems to chase?

I’m reasonably sure that I know what is going on with the divine meta currently and the design decisions behind them, but I’m waiting for visible signs of the “other shoe to drop” before going out on a limb on this one.