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This isn't about nerfing. It's about balance

yeah i know it will never happen like you said it better for the $$ to keep releasing new stuff then rework something already released

Unfortunately, I’m sure the “metrics” are showing all clear, the game is in great shape!. and by “metrics” I mean $$$ cash.

Divines needed to be split weeks ago into Mythic “Diety” and “Divine”, then see where we stand.


On the other hand it bodes really badly, in this game in particular because we already have a really big collection of bad troops, that a lot of Legendaries and Mythics are also outdated. People would be really overjoyed from getting a Gargantaur from one of these “Paths of Something”… :joy:

I honestly have a dificult time trying to grasp why the devs don’t make more reworks… It’s totally possible to make some troops suck less without overshadowing ANY Legendary or Mythic. There are still many ideas that could be explored still using some regular mechanics and tweaks to more troops outside the “useless” box.

I can answer that for you @Razzagor! The reason that we don’t do more troop reworks is simply that we don’t have the time. When we do troop reworks, we like to rework an entire kingdom, and this is a very time consuming task. We already know which kingdom we want to rework next, it’s just a matter of finding the hours in the day to do so.

Our fearless leaders already work 6-7 days a week, so we don’t get to do reworks as frequently as we’d like.


So maybe you should forget the kingdom rework aspect then for the time being, and simply double-quadruple some troops’ spell effects instead(yes some older legendaries actually are that far behind that all they do x4 would just about catch up). That should not take that much time.

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So next rework is Pan’s Vale as said Nimhaim during last Q&A.

Will we have it for next Pan’s Vale’s event coming in few weeks? :slight_smile:

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What adjustments were made to kingdoms when Fizzbang was fixed?
What adjustment was made to kingdoms when Kraken was reworked?

@turintuor, it’s unlikely. :frowning: We wanted too, but we are flat out at the moment, so it likely won’t be in time for it.

@Doordash_Support, I think you are purposefully misinterpreting me. :slight_smile: Sometimes we do small quick nerfs and buffs to troops, but when we rework troops we prefer to do it kingdom at a time. This lets Nimhain sit down and look over the synergies of a kingdom, and ends up with more consistent and widespread changes.

@Gouki, that is not how we want to make troop changes. It’s not good long term and could cause more harm than good.

You said before that this game is completely free to play. I said it wasn’t because of sigils, so I was misinterpreting you.
Now you said that when troops get reworked, so do kingdoms, but they don’t, yet I’m misinterpreting you.

Sugar coated, cookie cutter responses to make bad decisions look good only work if they are somewhat based in reality.

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With my post, I stated that we like to do kingdom reworks, rather than specific troop reworks. Like does not mean we always do this, it just means that it is what we prefer to do. So yes, I think that there has been some miscommuncation concerning this issue.

In regards to being free to play, our game is. The core parts of gameplay are free and not energy gated. Raids and Invasions do not need to be invested in in order to play Gems fo War.


And playing the core part of the game let’s you earn enough gems to buy Tier IV each week when Raid/Invasion is about. At least for me even if I only put around 1,5-2 hours in per day.
No one is forcing anyone to open your wallet other than yourself.

I don’t want to be harsh, but in a year long period we see what? Two kingdom’s rework at best?
Just doesn’t seems much if we consider that in the same period we usually get three new kingdoms and 50+ new troops and two new updates with new features. Sure, all this stuff takes times to develop, but this pattern easily outraces any sensible effort put into reworking troops SPECIALLY, if some new troops are already obsolete on release or if they shake the foundations of the estabilished power level…

To be fair a “perfect imbalance” is always tricky to design, but from an outsider perspective (that may or may not be accurate), all time/working force being consumed on new things, will always:

  • Rise quesions about stuff X or Z being so weak or when the next rework will come. Specially if it’s someone’s favorite fantasy race. (And if the person is 100% sure about his infalible good taste it’s always relevant to ask about Gnolls or bunnies, but mostly Gnolls. Bunnies are cool and all, but they are mentioned here just as a clever ruse. :stuck_out_tongue:)
  • Create an enviroment that throws previous good designs in the trash. Gard’s Avatar was a great troop, but today he is not, even being a Divine and all…
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I have to disagree on that.
In light of the Hero Class rework and for some “variety” i started playing Golden Cog Gard and it is actually quite good.
Almost as fast as generic Divines if all runs smoothly, a little less reliable and tending to be a bit slower when Gard gets hit early, but definitely a competitive team for quick matches at above 90% winrate.
He needs armor boosting setups (no rocket science but still more than regular Divines "fire whatever is ready") but it’s only about 4 casts per match(Cog-Ishbaala/Diviner+Cog-Gard) so quite fast still.
So all in all i think Gard actually aged really well due to his unique scaling mechanics and him…being a yellow Divine.


I judge him as more easily disarmed than our average Mythics on the Meta… Infernus and Ubastet with a single point of HP left are still very capable to redefine a match. Just a sign of how the power curve went up in some cases.


Oh yes as a defense troop he absolutely is, no argument. I was strictly talking invades where he is quite far up on the totem pole if i am being honest.


Question: Where are the following?

  1. Nerf Ubastet post?
  2. Nerf Ishballa post?
  3. Nerf Infernus post?
  4. Nerf Kraken post?
  5. Nerf Dragon Soul post?
  6. Nerf Great Maul post?
  7. Nerf Gems of War back to version 1.0?

Ahem. You missed the “nerf True Shot” and the “nerf Webspinner” posts.

(For the dozen or so of you who go back that far still — shout out!)


This is one of the lists @Shimrra is on. The others are probably watch lists of some form or another. :stuck_out_tongue:

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There’s a good post charting the early history of GoW nerfs somewhere…

Aha! @Zelfore made it! :slight_smile:



The most ridiculous troop in existence was release Crimson Bat.

This was before the days of Webspinner. Control teams weren’t a thing, infinite loop teams weren’t a thing. It was just matching gems and firing spells. Goblins could get an extra turn but it wasn’t gamebreaking so much as really annoying since Goblins didn’t really do anything.

Now Crimson Bat…

We had a max troop level of 10, no kingdom bonuses, no ascending, etc. A legendary troop would have something like 8-10 armor and life each and 6-8 attack, I don’t remember specifically because it was three years ago.

Crimson Bat had 8 armor and 11 life, and its spell was hitting for 6 true damage. Except old Crimson Bat acted like Draakulis, so it was actually stealing that life instead of just gaining a flat amount like it does currently. So this monstrosity would gain 24 additional life on cast when we were lucky to have something with 8 attack - this made it nearly impossible to kill before it cast again and two-hit all four of your troops.

Oh and bonus points to anyone who can guess which legendary took me the longest to get. Anyone?

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