This isn't about nerfing. It's about balance


The months of Webspammer were arguably the worst meta time. It was creating 14-15 green gems, refilling itself, keeping the turn, but only doing two AoE damage. It would loop you for hours

@lyya that one and also TSO were the first major nerf moves I think. Back when the devs watched, listened and acted faster than continental drift…


balance and diversity in the game with the update 3.4 was gone, it was boring and sad, many troops in pvp repeated, new items that are in the lead, too, the same type, where the game is rolling? you forget about the opinion of the players and do not see what leads it all


especially concerned about the troops of the deity and Ishbaal


When I’m doing PvP, 4 out of 5 battles are against the very same Divine team, the only difference being the weapon upgrade level. That’s no longer a meta, that just has to be a bug in the defense interface that prevents you from setting up any other team once you own the troops involved. I’m not sure who is supposed to be listening to warning bells at IP2, it’s safe to say that person is as deaf as a doorpost though.

The most amazing thing is that the Divine team counters itself quite nicely, due to getting to draw and shoot first. I feel really, really sorry for those players without it, they must be experiencing groundhog hell over and over again. I’ve set my defense to a pushover team, hopefully it will cause a few less to quit the game in frustration.

Changing Ishbaala to grant 1 mana to all Divine allies at the start of each turn would at least allow players another move or two to get a counter in, while still providing her with a very powerful trait. Unfortunately, the continents of Krystara don’t seem to be drifting at all.


use the same team to win it too small, it proves that nothing else can not make


Countering a OP Divine team with your very own OP Divine team is just plain wrong. I get why it’s happening but it shouldn’t have come to this. There are way too many classes/types in the game, Devs just really need to step away from the divine type.


Can’t forget about the VJM meta before it was nerfed. Those were dark days also…


That was different (and bad, yes) on console. On pc/iOS we didn’t get VJM that hard as the gem-creation for Justice in the old adobe game code was different and it didn’t loop any way near as much…


Pretty sure a Divine monster is technically a Daemon lol :rofl:


or half & half.



iam totaly agreeing with people here that this Team needs rebalance. But in theory everyone can play the same team to counter it. Problem is that 50% of the Playerbase missing the needed weapon to make this overpowered. That insane design flaw make a ultra dominant meta weapon in Devine Protector and than remove it and buff it and than say in Q&A there is no plan to make it aviable again in the near Future. This feels more than wrong. Well one can hope there metadata will show that this deck has close to 100% win rate and only loses against the same deck that got very lucky.


But this is never a reasonable argument to justify anything.
To simplify a long explanation: Play “Rock, Paper, Scissors, Nuclear Strike” where “Nuclear Strike” beats everything, except, against another “Nuclear Strike”, in this case the draw is resolved with a coin flip.

Yes, it’s a very ludicrous example, because it’s possible to beat the Divines without Divines, but there is clearly a big advantage for these troops over all the others.


We also need to wait and see what dev will do before asking for a nerf. Some troops been nerfed in the past and now are obsolete. Just think about bone dragon, he was very powerfull at this time
But now he is cumulating dust. If they didin’t nerf him, he would be right at the good place and wouldn’t need a nerf


He was very powerfull for the same reason i pointed out why Ubastest is very powerfull: They both have spells which exploits/preys on the strenght/progression of the enemies. In simple terms they were (originally) designed to be always powerfull. But on Ubastest case, his kill condition was also restrained by a high mana cost, but he is a Divine and we have Ishbaala…


Bone drake don’t have a good folow card. You can kill 1 troop and that’s it. Bone shield don’t fix the problem.


I know it’s not the same it was just an example, i prefer they take their time and check every possibility before killing another troop


But that’s easy, we just need him to lose his Divine Type, then the devs can release a “Cat/Dog Abomination” with a trait giving all Raksha and Wargares 50% mana at the start of the battle. :stuck_out_tongue: Now we can use BOTH “Ubs” and “Wulfs” in the same team.


Imho ubastet is not broken. A little bit stupid why his ability receive bonus not only by allies attack, but enemies to. The real broken stuff is senergy what cards have. Divane don’t have real weaknesses. Each card is a carry and a support in the same time. Synergy between them is broken, not stand alone cards. Mostly because hero weapon and not only this weapon, i think beast bow is a little bit unbalance to.


I don’t have Ubastet
I don’t have the counter to it, Divinia
I don’t have Divine Protector
I could probably build a team to counter it but I haven’t
I just skip it and move on to another more interesting team, like oh, 4X Drake Rider or something
Yes, I agree, it’s about balance. What is this divine obsession anyway?


As we introduce new cards, the meta shifts. All games such as ours has a meta, and it is in a constant state of flux. When I came into the company, the meta was Courage and Bone Dragon. We are currently investigating the divine meta, as we have done with others in the past. :slight_smile: