This isn't about nerfing. It's about balance


Post-nerf Bone Dragon was still a decent balanced troop at the time the nerf happened.
Since then he simply followed the fate of all other legenary troops of his age, his spell did not keep up at all with the power creep and the ridiculous troops that got released since then.
Compare Bone Dragon to other legendary troops of his age and he still looks decent, because most of them aged even worse than Bone Dragon did.


The OP message was about Kingdom Reworks.

If it takes a lot of time, couldn’t the Devs identify a group of users as a ‘think tank’ and have them suggest the changes to a kingdom? In this way the thought is done by a group on discord or other platform then recommended to the Devs for review?


That’s a Nephiliam


offer the option to redress the balance a little, change 3 skill at Israeli from 50% to 25%


The main point I’d like to make on the meta methodology is be more like magic the gathering, less like yugioh.

Looking at it from a standard perspective, Magic has set rules, types, abilities, power scaling, etc. Sometimes a set has some stronger cards and most broken ones are removed. There are hiccups like how some revisions of past abilities into broader mechanics or new mechanics introduced were too powerful and in one way or another dominate the format. The general idea is try new ideas but carefully look at the power curve and sometimes old ideas tweaked a bit can breathe new life.

Yugioh (tcg wise) uses the ban list for pure profit reasonings, banning overpowered cards juuuussttt in time for newer stronger cards to come out. Their methodology is make stupid cards creating awful metas, then make stronger and stronger archtypes. Since the cards make the rules instead of following them, the rules constantly change, even to the extent of newer cards completely getting around other effects. Then as newer rules make the game reach a breaking point, they change all the rules, make new mechanics, and somehow failed to slow down a game that they purposely sped up over the years.
To be fair I stopped before the new link monsters, but for the time I did play, I was not too happy.

Metas are difficult to manage but sometimes counters make worse metas and simply nerfing one will create another. What you need are real weaknesses and real strategies. Divines have synergy, speed, power, and board control. Goblins too a lesser extent did, some beast teams did and so on. Troops like suna are great because it has a defined purpose. It has no board control, but debuffs two troops and damages two others while self buffing life and magic. Undine does relatively small damage, but is a blue nuke. Queen aurora has board control and buffs but neither buffs herself or cleanse the team. These all have roles and when applied can be fantastic.

Tldr: don’t rush stuff and creating an arms race to get the new stuff that outclasses older troops by miles. You can be immune to poison, but you can’t be immune to having stats if you catch my drifting sands.


Who is that?


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Salty thanks for your response. Huge problem with this is you desinged a system where it can happen that a Weapon has a Huge influence to the Meta and there is currently no way to Obtain it that needs to be fixed. You cannot create a Meta that only Vet Players can join and only if the Bought a Weapon that was aviable for one week.


I think all this complaining over Divine Protector is hilarious, given that it only cost 250 gems the week it came out. I have been buying Tier 3 every single week since Raids/Invasions came out, and unless you’re a brand new player, that is NOT a significant investment. Most of the people crying about DP are players that have been here long enough to have had an opportunity to buy it, and if you passed it up to save 250 gems, that’s your own damn fault.


The weapon is just one piece of the picture.
The main issue is how coincidentally some of the best troops in the game are Divines while many other Race/Class sinergies, even the good ones like Dwarves, are far behind in such effectiveness. Specially considering that after collecting 11 manas you can kill two troops which totally cripples every strategy.

But well, mentioning the weapon brings up another problem in balance, the class weapons. These base Mythics weapons pale in comparison to some Raid/Invasion weapons and even some other old legendary weapons. I don’t want 17 “Dawnbringers” in different colors, but what the hell man?
I want weapons well tunned and with proper uses that shouldn’t be pure garbage like Dragonator 8000 or Warden’s Gauntlets…


I do understand the issue that the Divines make up the majority of Mythic typing, I was merely pointing out that the weapon was well within players’ reach when it was released, and complaining about it makes no sense as it wasn’t very expensive, and a lot of guilds still do the guild related event, anyway, so it shouldn’t have been missed by anyone except the newer players, which I doubt are running into many 4x Divine teams, anyway.


The most hilarious part about it is that the weapon was pretty much junk the week they released it, providing a very strong incentive to not buy it. Later on, they improved the boost factor for gems spawned from x4 (16 gems max) to x6 (24 gems max), changing it from high risk to very safe bet.


I would argue that there’s an incentive to buy every weapon that comes through the Raid/Invasion shop: To help your guild finish the event. Most people can piss 250 gems, so the idea of it not being attractive to buy doesn’t hold much water.


But on the other hand players on guilds that weren’t demanding Raids/Invasions could just as well ignore the weapon. Specially considering that any of these weapons weren’t good originally. Personally i agree it’s better to have something and don’t need it than the other way around, but i don’t blame people for not being interested in these weapons before, but since they were buffed it’s rather normal that people would be interested.

My Beastly Bow is an interesting weapon to use, now that is, and i think more people could enjoy these weapons outside their events. If the devs want to keep putting gem sinks in the game, i think they could sell these weapons again for their respective Tier price, but without any sigils and troops included.


I can see both sides, I just don’t personally think that someone who had the ability to buy it should be complaining that they don’t have it.


The weapons themselves are a bit of a balance issue in general simply because not every troop type (or kingdom) has an associated hero class. For instance the Hook Sword is going to be “not as strong” for a long while because the hero can’t be from Shentang. Little bit less damage, little bit less gems created - but enough less gems to make it basically worthless to us.


I had the impression there was supposed to be some kind of weapon rotation in the Soul Forge. So far I’ve only seen the option to craft Raid Boss/Invasion weapons on the very same week they get released, for what feels like a substantially higher price than the shop one. Maybe I should just learn to lower my expectations.


I think it depends on the dev’s schedule, but since they don’t like to share such things with us out of fear of the repercussions when they fail to deliver something on the expected date or the pressure some players would put on their shoulders… We can only wait.

Just a curious little thing about weapons and the Soulforge: Nature Staff (Creates Leafstorm, deal double damage if there is a Leafstorm) belongs to Merlantis… I guess they tried to put Malgrim Woods and the auto-complete feature used Merlantis. :sweat_smile:


I was lucky enough to be travelling and enjoying being unwired the week it came out so heck I had the nerve to not play the game every fricken day, which it now seems you need to do to keep up. I always buy up to the weapon in raids/invasions so no I am not too cheap to buy it!! Don’t make assumptions as to why players are missing certain troops or weapons.


Agree with you, sometimes it’s not depend on human. In time when Ubastet was released, there was a translation mistake in his ability. I didn’t try to get him, because, in my opinion, he wasn’t good enough.
That’s sad. By the way, besides divine we have some good teams.
Beasts doing preaty good. I use them for defense this week, and i have more wins than loses. Beastly bow, willow, forest guardian and sunsail. And also 90% winrate in offense.
Dragons doing some work. Elemaugrim, divinia, lord ember and whatever you want(hero, visk, dragonian monk). I don’t have elemaugrim and divinia but my gild members have. They said it’s fucking good, so i’m trust them.
Some old teams are still god, something like great maw, yasmine’s chosen, famine, yau guai or giants. Can describe them if you want.
Don’t locked in just one team.
Sorry if my english is bad.