This isn't about nerfing. It's about balance


Yes, I have quite a variety of teams and still use many of the older troops that will always be good


2 questions

  1. How do you open a troop?
  2. How can you EDIT something 3 times and still end up with the sentence above?

  1. That’s easy. Just don’t have it.
  2. I’m not sure what you actually asking. I did make errors? Pretty sure i am. Sorry about it.


Question 2 was aimed at “I don’t even try to open him, because I thought he just not good enough”. A better sentence would have been “I didn’t try to get him, because, in my opinion, he wasn’t good enough.”
I’m sorry about the comment, it just irks me to see bad grammar just about anywhere (excluding stuff like hashtags, and other common things on the internet.)


English clearly is not his/her native language, but with that being said, the general idea of his/her posts are not that hard to figure out.


Thank you. I change it.


I apologized, because I thought my comment may have been to harsh to Lafella. Besides, I can tell when English isn’t a person’s native language. The goal of my criticism was to help improve her/his sentence structure (in English), and it was up to him/her to take it into context. Not all criticism is bad, and not all criticism good. The effectiveness of criticism depends on how it is perceived by those who read or hear it.


Come on, it’s fully YOUR problem if you can’t see bad grammar on forums. It’s no one ever that should live by YOUR rules and correct themselves because you can’t stand bad grammar. When that is said, the context in @Lafella’s post was fairly easy to understand like @Razzagor already mentioned.


I never said anyone HAS to live by my rules, and if they wish to change it they can. One of the things I said was “it was up to him/her to take into context.” To put it simply, it’s THEIR choice to accept or reject it. And I did understand it (except how do you open a troop), but Lafella cleared that up.


For me it clearly looks like you are ignoring to look at it as your own problem, which it fully is, and then thinks it’s totally okay to correct others. You dont even care if someone would take the correction personally.


In the first quote, it doesn’t feels like you were interested in help as you claim in the second quote. But if you are not an hypocrite and you would live by the third quote i hope you consider a more tactful approach in the future. But that’s up to you, so i won’t revisit this topic anymore.


Has shouldn’t be in uppercase


Just because I don’t say anything regarding it being my problem doesn’t mean that I’m ignoring it.


Same mistake here! Damn you suck




Guess this thread has run its course then huh…


Would you like all of it in caps, sir?


Pretty much, or at least that is what I would like to say. Probably about to jump topics.


Don’t think that suppose to be that serious.


I wasn’t making assumptions. I was specifically talking about the players that passed on it intentionally because they thought it was garbage. And you don’t need to play “every fricken day”, just once a week. If, for some reason, you can’t even fit that in, then I do actually sympathize with you, but I was not referring to those types of players.