This isn't about nerfing. It's about balance


Hello it’s Salty nudging this topic back on course.

We are working on bringing old weapons back, but can’t say more at this time. :slight_smile:



Sirrian said the opposite last Q&A…


I can’t say how they are going to be coming back, but it’s on our radar from so much community feedback. Also, like he said in the Q & A, we are looking at releasing more weapons for kingdoms that have less in the future.


Could it be non-Legendary weapons? :stuck_out_tongue:


What about pets? If you don’t play every day you are going to miss out on a lot. Plus you need to log in every day at least or miss out on a ton tribute rewards


Ok, as long as its all sworded out in the end.


I’m not talking pets or tribute rewards, I’m specifically talking about weapons and/or glory troops. You only need to login once a week for those. I already have all the pets, anyway, so they factor into nothing as far as I’m concerned.


Strictly speaking, Sirrian said old weapons weren’t coming back in Glory packs, not that they weren’t coming back at all.


So… new Blacksmith game mode incoming? Fight the same five increasingly tougher teams for ingots. Shop tier 3 offers old event weapon, other tiers offer the standard mix of sigils, event troops, souls and gold. Event troops are those that share the weapon kingdom and at least one of the weapon colors.


Almost assuredly, given that Saltypatra has hinted about a new mini game in 3.6 that will be focused on ingots.


It seems some of my responses were deleted. Thank you to whoever did it, and I actually mean that sincerely. Nothing worse than an off-topic argument starting, especially when it was unnecessary.


After 1 day of thinking, i realy want to make a post, how good and balanced ubastet. Probably will be hated for this.


It’s broken in the sense that team building skill and application has albeit been removed from the game and competitive play has become obsolete. Of the 500 troops or so in the game, I doubt that 20% get significant battle time. If you have the divine team, leaderboard and wars success is yours for minimal effort. If you don’t…the game is insulting.


Thats not broken… A broken game wont even start.


Investigating? Really? An hour or two fighting tier 2/3 pvp will satisfy that. Pretend for a moment that you have no divines and come up with a few teams that will offer consistent results against mythic divines. Then pretend you are a new player who has just uninstalled gems because skill has no bearing on results. Dollars and troops is the gems meta. Buy this and you will get that. Spend a fortune on infinite invasion etc and maybe 1 day you will ‘win’ a power orb by outspending ALL the possible competition. This spills over into global chat regularly, as if it’s not already heated enough. The game is a mess


If you don’t want to explore the game and create your own teams. Sure just copy others teams, that’s probably require money for buying troop. But don’t say that player experience is nothing. That’s absolutly not true.


I didn’t say that experience is nothing. Knowledge of the game promotes team building skill…but this skill is redundant almost when facing the vastly overpowered divine teams we see constantly in pvp and wars. Unless you have the same team, only a limited number of line ups will give you a decent win/lose statistic. If players cannot compete for pvp leaderboard or in wars because of the vast overuse of 10 or so troops, then all the skill and experience becomes secondary to which troops are available to you. I doubt anyone wants to be a clone team builder but in order to compete, what is an alternative option?


Bild your own unstoppable team?


Gems of War is a pay to gamble/play game. It wasn’t always, but is now. Nerfing Ubie won’t change that.