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Devs, Devs, Devs 🤦

I hate being the guy that asks for anything nerfed. So please stop releasing things that may allegedly make people think you are on literally :mushroom: (forums mods I’m criticizing the behavior not any individual person…safe? Okay cool. :+1:)

Btw… Life and Death still triggers bless. So while you’re nerfing the new king to not let it refuel it’s self. Please fix LD as well. Thank you for your time.

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Consumption of mushrooms can prove harmful to intelligence, even in digital form.

I had the same gut reaction but… it isn’t really that bad. It looks bad on paper, but in practice, it needs to be set up (or get an absurd amount of luck) to really run the board. And there is a lot of counterplay (he is not stealthy, has no immunites, and a relatively high mana cost, severe weakness to freeze, is pure AoE so it takes forever to kill stuff with vs spell resistance and sumberge can just be immune to his damage). If you use tools to counter the counterplay (such as MQ for half mana, a troop or hero for cleanse or bless, something to dispel, an empowered to accelerate him further), you are reducing the efficacy of your setup.

I’ve found he works best with a starting green storm and passive explosion traits or talents, but he takes forever sometimes if you are putting everything into this setup, even when the enemy has no active counterplay and you get an amazing start.

One thing is he kinda gets around the “combo breaker” (spawn streak breaker) rule, where spawner matches will actively attempt to avoid aligning the more you cast in a certain round. He can cast, the system will actively shift gems so they don’t align, but then he has an extra turn so you can just swipe those gems and get the mana anyways. I’ve felt that this rule was kinda unnecessary in modern GoW to begin with, though. The majority of the setups I use win the first time I have board control and full mana on a key troop.

After using him for a while outside of the event with free enchants abound, I don’t think the combo of mass spawn and extra turn is “inherently broken” like mass explode and extra turn was (and honestly, even this isn’t that broken anymore). If they were to change anything about this troop, maybe the baseline gem creation is too high - ie., maybe he self loops too easily from the get. His initial cast if you don’t prime the board and don’t disease anybody can already be pretty spotty sometimes, but this gets removed once he connects a few and diseases 2-4 troops. Slightly shifting this consistency to need slightly more setup would remove the ability to use any counter-counterplay tools and still have this troop be able to chain more than a couple casts without being really lucky.


I agree if you don’t have good Starting board or if froze one can find themselves in a bad situation fast. I think Gob fits in very nice @ current state of game.

Not a gut reaction. More experience based observation of Goblins during GW. We’ll see if my hypothesis is accurate. But fueling it’s self plus extra turn just seems unwise.

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We are pretty happy with the balance of Gobtruffle at the this time, but we will keep an eye on things. We don’t foresee this troop dominating the meta, and while useful, has clear counters.


In guild wars for every color day? I hope you’re right.

I think it’s an amazing troop

I’m sure you’ll survive the one day a week goblin team.

I find if you have a very low green starting board (or just remove it with Gimlet), it’s extremely hard to be efficient with King Gobtruffle.

KG is very strong when you use two of them, but just one is rather iffy.

A 17 mana solo KG isn’t beating me in Guild Wars or PvP.

I wasn’t aware it’s a choice sometimes. RNG must be a lot less vicious in Xbox Land.

Or use it to your advantage and place first in Guild Wars :face_with_monocle:

Yes, everyone please place King Gobtruffle on your GW def, thanks.

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It was tested extensively, just like the Delve boss room.


Again… Not as easy in PC/Mobile land… Usually every month we have a new #1.
But hey I’m happy to hear OP troops are not a concern on your platform. :+1:

So, it’s only over powered against you
because every other guild teams up against you and puts goblins def teams up for six days
even though you don’t win guild wars.

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I’m confused. When exactly did my opinion of the troop become “hey I want all the Ryan’s” attention?
What are you talking about even?
A troop being used against everyone else doesn’t make it any less OP. Everyone used DE when it was OP… Were you against nerfing it?
Only one guild per platform can win GW. Are you implying that makes my opinion less worthy than yours?
I’m not worried about the troop in any other mode but GW because that’s the only avenue where the counters aren’t always available. But like I told Salty a while ago. The devs say it’s balanced… And I’ll see. Your opinion is pretty irrelevant to me, simply because it looks like you just try to find things to argue with me about until a thread gets locked. This is my last reply on any thread… I’m not going to enable bad behavior.

Rubbish thread. Sorry. This isn’t going to be a threat - and if it is somehow, we have Frostmage.


Let me ask you, if guild wars didn’t exist would you still be asking for a nerf?

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That will freeze it randomly? Because that’s a great counter… Hoping RNG works in your favor.