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Please Change the AI to Toy with the Player Less


The AI is modeled to not be perfect, and I understand that. Sometimes it will miss obvious plays to mirror differing player skill.

The problem comes when the match is completely lost and the AI is sitting on a spell that when cast would finish the match. Many times it will take gems instead of winning for a few rounds, which is just annoying. The AI should always do a quick check before taking its turn, and if it finds it could win, it should do so.

This change would not change the outcome or the balance of power (which is already far too much in the player’s favor).

Alternatively, do not punish us for Retreating. Getting zero resources in response to Retreating is harsh, especially when the AI refuses to close the game.

Thank you.


This has always been one of the more frustrating aspects of the game to me. Fire Bomb teams do it too, it’s part of why I don’t see them as “fun, easy wins”. More like “slow, tedious jerks”.

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