Game mode with a truly clever AI?

In all existing game modes I can see one and only AI that matches gems like a newbie. It goes for skulls, misses some 4-gem matches (sometimes even evident ones), converts gems not effectively. People already got used to it and plan defense teams respectively.

I suggest to add another game mode (pitily that Challenges were reworked already) with much more clever and cunning AI. Which won’t miss some 4- or 5-gems match, even one not plainly visible. And converting gems will take into account 4 or more gems matches to have control over board. I think it will be very challenging for mid- and end-gamers.


True, it’s behaving really stupid. Ignoring skulls 30% of the time now, targetting troops that should not be targetted, etc.

You should really make AI more difficult and less forgiving!

@Saltypatra Make the AI smarter.

The AI changes and scales it’s difficulty. So if you think it’s being too easy then try a harder game mode or wait your turn… You’ll see beast mode soon enough.

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If AI is to smart, people would get angry and start claiming more and more that AI cheats.

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I remain disappointed by how idiotic the AI acts in every “new” mode (so anything besides standard PVP/GW). Ignoring perfectly good 4-/5-matches is just really sloppy, I don’t want to say that I could write a better one because I probably can’t but if I had the original one I would certainly do better than crippling it for no apparent reason.

Guess i am playing an a more advanced version of the game i guess cuz tbh other than the empo converters being used most of time to not even make a 3 match dont really see any of the other “problems”.

Yes, AI ignore skull now sometims nd that’s actually a buff to AI, when i started play AI always gone for skulls no matter what and was supermegaeasy skull bait it.

A very few times seen it inore a 4 match but pretty much everytime it did “look at the coincidence that dropped from the sky”.

So yes, they could make maybe AI use empo converters efficently and make the GW experience even more miserable than what already is(tomoz on my def i got TWO of those of colors attackers “cant” even use, can imagine their joy, at least they can rely’ on ai screwing up).

I’ve had the “newer” AI ignore moves that would literally kill me. Like, one skull match -> kills my last troop. Or casting something to that effect. Its so bad.


Let me see if i got it right, so only cuz an AI that just kicked your ass (seen you’re down to 1 troop almost dead) just cuz is trolling you instead of ending the match (and yes sometimes happened to me too) is “so Bad”?

Well, guess indeed an AI that always wipe you on his first turn would be a lot better…

It isn’t any fun to beat up on something that stupid. Not satisfying to win against. Knowing that if you had played worse, the AI would have torn you apart, it makes things better. Also really bad to lose against something you know is deficient and crippled.

Relatively speaking. Its different when the success rate tends to be as high as it is in here. But not entirely.

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Put me down as thinking having improved AI is a much, much better way to introduce difficulty to a game than scaling stats. All scaling stats does is increase the likelihood of a player losing to randomness (especially with skyfall being as volatile as it is in this game), which sucks. I’d 10/10 take losing more frequently to a hard AI for my bad play rather than playing badly, winning most of the time, and losing because a cluster of skulls fell and the computer’s stats are 5x what mine are.


The AI is exceedingly bad in a lot of situations. Things it will do:

  • When using an ability that could kill a troop, it will sometimes target a different troop. If I have one troop at 25 health and another at 50, and the enemy troop can do only 25 damage, it will more often than not attack my 50 troop. Apparently it thinks getting all my troops to an equally low health is better than flat out killing a troop. These are the kind of plays that literally give you a second chance at winning a round.
  • It will exhaust 4 and 5 matches before using something that will create 4 and 5 matches. For instance, let’s say the AI has an empowered troop that turns Brown gems to Red and it really wants Red gems for a certain troop. On the board is 5 in a row: Brown - Brown - Red - Brown - Brown. And off to the side of the Red is another Brown. Nothing on the AI’s team even uses Brown mana, but it will match the Brown 5-match and THEN use the convert, completely losing out on any red mana gain. I think it’s coded to basically prioritize 5 matches above anything else, even if using an ability would be more beneficial.
  • It will make hilariously bad skull matches above anything else in some instances. This is one of the ways to keep a Valraven from casting and flying off, you just make sure the AI has skulls to match, even if the front enemy troop is entangled or your front line has like 80% skull damage reduction. The AI sees a skull match and thinks “Better take it instead of cast this ability.”
  • It will use empowered abilities even if the outcome means NO 4/5 matches for the AI, but in fact gives the enemy team 4/5 matches. It doesn’t care what the state of the board will be after it uses an ability, in other words.
  • Sometimes it will flat out ignore making a 4/5 match, leaving it for you instead, and I think it especially does this if the match is a color it doesn’t use. The AI doesn’t seem to place any value on “denying” matches to the opponent.

It’s super frustrating, because it makes setting up defense teams difficult. You basically have to hope that your defense gets really lucky, because you know the AI is going to be playing it and making horrible, awful decisions.


That would be a good thought if not , if anything, all you’re gonna get from an improvement of AI will be an AI with x5 your stats, that get free cascades or skull hits from the sky every 3 seconds (am testing tomoz team in pvp and 2 matches ago AI from a 3 match got FOUR skull hits from the sky disintegrating my hero, good thing was just a pvp test) AND that actully play smart so you can say ByeBye to enemy empo’s giving to YOU 4/5 matches.

Beside, i NEVER seen AI refuse to end a match when both me and it are with few troops/hp, only seen that when thx to the above mentioned cascades (that are gonna happen seen the mothrazillions and rodanzilions games played) it almost wiped you (even better if on his first turn) and it still got full team or almost.

Ofc as usual i am talking about GW, the only place in whole game where loss matter, tod and other so called scaling crap could defo use more scaling/cascades/smartness seen in there win rate jump to 99% or so.

It looks like you’re saying that randomness will still be a problem, even if you substitute scaling stats with better AI (nobody said to have scaling stats and better AI lol)?

That’s a separate problem - the skyfall in this game needs to be changed to not give clusters of the same color (especially not skulls!). I know that will happen in a truly random skyfall, but that’s why most match-3 games do not have random skyfall, instead modifying it to avoid the clustering.

I have definitely seen and benefited from the AI not killing me when it had the chance (like igniteice said), even when both sides are down to their last few troops (I haven’t been playing that long either) BTW.