Playing on multiple platforms (mobile)

I seem to have lost my password at some point to my account; I had played this some time ago on iOS, would now like to pick it up on my android tablet. Is there a way to recover that? I have no idea what level or even name it was under, just the email address: nensor (at) Is it possible to share the same game data across multiple devices? (e.g., my iphone and android tablet) or is it you’re just stuck with one or the other, or two different “accounts”?

Thanks in advance.

You can play your account on multiple platforms as long as they are on the same update. E.G. you can play your steam account player on any mobile device but not on xbox or ps4. Also you can play you character in multiple matches at the same time if i am not mistaken but i think you only gain xp and not resources but i can not confirm the resources part.

If you contact our support team, they can help you recover your account. As long as you have the email address you linked your account to, they should be able to find your account.