Problems with Mobile and Switch Accounts


I have two problems with my accounts on Switch and Mobile.

The first one is that when I wanted to link my Switch account to the Mobile version, the app said me there wasn’t any account avaible with my email address… But I had one… So I decided to do a new account on my mobile, but there is the 2nd problem

I wanted to join the guild I created on Switch (Called “Cité des Anges”) but when I search for the name it doesn’t find it… I tried to search “Anges”, “Cité” etc. But it never found it…

Is it possible to do what I want to do, meaning linking my Switch account to my mobile version, or at least join the guild I created on Switch with my mobile account?

Thanks to everyone who will help me

There is no cross platform support except for PC and mobile.
PS4, Xbox, Switch and PC / Mobile are all seperate platforms.

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So I can’t even join the guild?

You can’t share anything between the 4 platforms.

Shit… Ok
Thanks anyway

We can’t offer cross play due to legal restrictions and platform limitations. We are sorry for the inconvenience. :frowning: