Player Race as Team Bonus?

First I want to give a big Shout-out appreciation to the Devs for the Team Bonuses system. This new addition open up a whole new dimension of team arrangement for me, allowing me to play with the less popular cards that I previously would never touch. I certainly hope to see new Team Bonuses in the future! Each new arrangement could possibly enable a brand new school of play-style.

I’m just curious if there are plans to include Player Race in the Team Bonuses? One thing I have observed is the decreasing appearance of the Main Character in the High-End PVP Teams. This is mainly because the Player Race itself does not factor into any of the current bonuses. Would it be possible to integrate the Player Race into the existing Team Bonus System? The Elf and Human Race would be self-explanatory. I could see the Gurakk (Orc) as Marauder Race, the Raksha and Wargare as Wildfolks, and the Naga as Monster. This could certainly bring back Main Character flexibility again for the Endgame Teams.


That’s actually a pretty nice idea, but that would mean:

  • Creating a hero look for every race (otherwise it would be for someone wanting to play a race that does not have a hero type)
  • Makes the AI remember each of these races in each line-up, otherwise you’ll end up switching your own race every time you feel like changing line-ups, which would be really tedious

But I’m on board, it’s actually pretty neat. ^^

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Agreed, neat idea with some merit!

Keen to see heroes included into the mix to keep the meta going - and it’s our hero (us) after all, we should be there!

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Definitely struggling to work my hero into teams at the moment. Complex challenge though… would it be fair for us to be able to make the hero a literal wild-card out of whichever set of races it could be? Assigning teams to remember specific racial settings for the hero for each arrangement seems overly complicated (to implement and to use).

The simple option is to just make it human only, but that is boring and removes existing features. Also racist.

Something could be done to certain weapons to give the hero a race and/or kingdom while wielding them. For instance, Eye of Xathanos would be Khetar/Undead, and Mang would be Grosh’Nak/Marauder. Slightly less confusing. Worth noting that this means that the hero would typically be under the usual limitations for putting together a 4x Kingdom team, i.e. they’re all the same 3-4 colors with 1-2 exceptions. (Rather than going “Hey Whitehelm pretend this Red/Purple chaos troop is yours, K?”)

Well… I don’t think that would be necessary. A project like that is just going to prolong the time and efforts to make it happen. I’m completely fine with only having the existing races incorporated. At least in this regard this would be a purely coding issue, something that could be altered with a few lines of codes over a couple all-nighters, and there wouldn’t be a need to design any new interface artworks.

As for race-switching being tedious between teams, I think most players pick their current race because they identify with certain aspects of that race. At least for me, I don’t plan to race-jump into a race I don’t find appealing just to make a particular combo happen. If anything, I will end up building my teams around my race, and not the other way around.

Just make the Hero count as all races for purposes of team bonuses. Justify it by saying the Hero is a natural leader and can push his friends to do great things no matter who they are, or something.

I chose to play a lady ogre because she’s the only one whose design I like. Seriously. I don’t like any of the other designs, which is weird since I love GoW design in, well, about everything else BUT the heroes. I love the troops, the map, the UI, the weapons, the backgrounds… and I don’t like the hero designs at all. If you force me to play a stupid Elf or Doggy for a line-up, I’ll go in very sad mode. :cry:
@HeimdallUlf might have a nice idea, but I really love @Shimrra’s idea of linking it to the weapon. It seems smoother, and a lot of weapons have clear origins, like the Skull Blade from Khetar, Boom Boom from Zaejin or the Bull’s Edge from Wild Plains. Even then, since our hero is the most versatile unit, should we actually get a special bonus for it?

Seeing as hero weapons aren’t (typically) overpowered or anything - in many cases being weaker or more expensive to use - I don’t really see the problem with them having that kind of bonus (implementing it may be hard though). The hero’s bulky stats are nice to have, of course. Realistically speaking, making kingdom-themed weapons be of that kingdom won’t add a HUGE amount of versatility, seeing as they mostly have either the same kind of effects as troops of that kingdom and/or use the same mana color/s. i.e. Skullblade in Khetar - another thing that uses / relies on skulls!

I want to play as Faunessa - she’s cute.
Unless they make goblins or imps or teddy bears playable hero races.


Why not make hero count as whichever kingdom is set as home? That gets halfway to solving a hero meta inclusion problem.


Ooo~h, now this idea I like! Hero offering Kingdom Bonus based off of home kingdom.

I also like the idea of weapons playing a part, so those could effect troop type. (Allowing the GoW team to also still control mana distribution.)

With these two little implementations, your Hero could actually hold his own late-to-end game.


This could work, and gives us some reason to actually have a specific home kingdom. The issue is that we would then go back to the pre-1.0.7 state of needing to flip kingdoms around for different teams because of the banners, although not as much as before. I personally quite like not needing to swap them at the moment…

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Bumping this thread to get attention now that Xmas is coming. hint hint

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