Plague's 3rd Trait and Ability Cannot Kill

There is a similar but different glitch with Plague that Famine has. Plague is unable to kill an enemy with an HP stat reduction. This doesn’t make the game unwinnable like Famine, but it is a pretty big issue facing Plague since everything he does is stat reduction. Is this too being fixed next patch?


I’m interested in the answer to this as well or is it working as intended?

It’s because you have 5 of them, I tell ya…

Plauge’s spell currently won’t lower Life at all. Easy enough to test in the “Animal Farm” challenge in Maugrim Woods to avoid dealing a bunch of damage with skull cascades, just let the Warhound cast and reduce your lead troop to zero attack. Repeated casts of Plague will eventually lower all stats on every enemy to 0, except Life, which will remain untouched. Also, life occasionally still “rolls” for the spell, the number is updated, but it has no effect on the stat whatsoever. It wont even remove buffed life, like from Fenrir’s spell. Mine is untraited still, so it becomes really obvious:

(Did not cast Mab at all, but her magic stat will give a hint to how long I was at this for)

I know this may be a bit early after releasing him, but while we are on the subject, I would like to take the opportunity to formally propose that Plague’s spell be changed to disease all enemies and lower ALL stats on a single target troop by [magic + 2]. While Plague’s traits are undeniably good, the randomness of his spell makes it very difficult to reliably reduce the threat level of the enemy in any meaningful way with the stat debuff itself being only really threatening if it hits attack or magic and only on specific troops. A concentrated debuff would bring him more in line with the other Mythics, rather than make him a reverse Brian the Lucky or set and forget in the last slot just for the trait.

My last battle plague killed the last 2 enemy units with a spell. Both units health was like 2.