Question about Plague killing foes

For me on Steam/PC, Plague won’t kill troop(s) with his spell.

If it targets the Health stat of the enemy it generally works fine, but if the Health stat is low enough such that it would kill the enemy it does ‘nothing’.

The heart symbol on the foes’ card pulses to show it was targeted but no Health is removed and the troop doesn’t die.

I have seen this frequently enough that I can capture it on video if requested.


edit: Note that Troops will die when conditions are correct and its 3rd Trait triggers.

edit2: This seems to be only happening to the LAST troop. Have to keep watching. I use this team constantly so it will be easy to reproduce it happening, perhaps not the particular underlying reasons/conditions.

edit3: No you cannot know my team :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue: :laughing:

edit4: Definitely something screwy going on when there is one AI troop left. I have one AI enemy in last position atm and for sure at least the 3rd Trait is not working right. I’m recording now

edit5: Well what I’ve just seen is that in the last position, the 3rd Trait would target the Health, the icon would pulse but no health would be lost. The spell actually killed the troop. So it’s the Trait that isn’t right.

eidt6: 3rd Trait personally observed multiple times not working on last troop. Getting called away to matters of life. No time to test or capture atm, sorry.


I noticed this in past, but my recent usage of plague didn’t have such problems. It killed a few times with its spell targeting HP.

I have had Plague kill troops with his 3rd trait, for matching 4 gems. Not sure if I killed someone with his normal spell.

i never paid attention but that would explain why plague gave so poor results when i was playing it even if i casted it like 5-6 times during the fight xD

edited OP

10 char

I am in the process of watching his 3rd trait not work on the last troop left. Same behavior as the spell: I can see the AI enemy Heart Icon pulse to indicate it’s been targeted but no Health is lost.


I’m pretty sure the heart pulses when targeting non-existent armor. I’m confident I’ve killed the final troop with the spell a few times.

And yet I’ve seen the opposite. Though a person only really tends to take note when something unexpected happens.

I feel recording it is the better way to go. In fact I think I’ll :red_circle: 30 minutes of PvP to see what’s going on.

My bad! Early controlled testing shows that it is probably the Trait not working right on the last AI troop.

Testing some more…

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Gotta run… see edit 6

I’ve seen the trait both kill and not kill, in any slot. The spell always kills if life is low enough in my experience (except for the short period of time right after plague was released where it wouldn’t).

I’ve observed the following:

  • Sometimes if you match 4+ skulls on what would otherwise be a lethal hit, Aspect of Plague will trigger and save the enemy. This was a bug a long time ago, and not sure if this has been fixed.
  • Sometimes if you reduce life with Aspect of Plague twice in the same match cluster, or possibly life with something else, the troop with survive with one life. Again, not sure if this was ever fixed.
  • Triggering another match 4 trait (eg., Emperor Khorvash) on the same troop at the same time as Aspect of Plague reducing life will fail to kill the enemy and instead reduce it to a minimum of one life. Not sure if this was ever fixed, but this sounds like what is happening to you.

I’ve reported these all at one time or another, but I just basically stopped using Plague for a long, long time and never got around testing if these were ever fixed.

Anyway, I don’t think it is troop position dependent. Here is a video of Aspect of Plague killing the last troop that I captured just now:


Good comment. I’m on the road so I can’t go into great detail but yes, what I have observed definitely lends credence to your comment and causes me to question if those were every really fixed.

I haven’t stopped using the character, nor will I because in this specific configuration the team is unbelievably lethal even with the apparent bugginess.

Basically he’s all over the map as far as I can see, mostly with the Trait not firing correctly specifically on the Health of an enemy, but I don’t want to over-reach in my claims because I really haven’t had time to capture it on video and narrow down what is and isn’t happening.

I tested a bit; it’s definitely a matter of his trait and spell rolling armor, the appearing to whiff a life hit.

Tested with Ghiralee and Herald of Chaos as well and this seems to be consistent with all troops that have this mechanic.

He absolutely always does life damage when he should.

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So you are saying he rolled, say armor or attack but b/c they were already withered to 0 it did a display glitch on Life and no more? Seems plausible…

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Only armor. Would be awesome if they’d take zero-stats out of the mix but that’d prob be a pita to code, not to mention the impact to these troops’ balancing.


I’m fine with zeroed stats staying in the pool… I just would prefer not to see misleading presentation glitches, if that is indeed what is happening.

I really need to get back and do some testing!