Pets that are cosmetic only

Pets that are cosmetic only do they have any value at all? Are they worth rescuing or purchasing?

kingdom power, thats it.

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They can help with kingdom power levels – i.e., stars. They’re vital in a number of kingdoms, and less necessary in a number of others. The introduction of single-troop pests through mechanics such as Legends Reborn or from holiday-themed events will gradually diminish their importance, but it will take a long time before costmetic pests are unnecessary. If ever.

It’s one of those things where you have to gauge where you are in game progression, your in-game income – most particularly gems to purchase a gazillion copies given cosmetic pests are typically only available on that one day and never again through any mechanism other than flash sales (for real money) – et cetera. And make the decision for yourself as to how valuable it is.

Personally? I save my gems to buy new cosmetic pests to mythic; it’s my highest spending priority for gems once my guild requirements (events, guild wars, et cetera) are taken care of. Though if I had a whole batch of Orbs of Minions, I could probably not do that and simply orb them to mythic instead.

I would be so happy if missing cosmetic pets showed up in flash offers. Only those I already have ever show up there and my question about other ways to obtain them have been denied. :anguished:

Well, they do show up in offers, but are the ones that ask for real money.
And as long as anyone ever buys one, they will not be available for non cash resources, outside the rare weekend pet rescue for cosmetic pets.

That’s the problem. For me only those pets that I already have show up there. The others don’t.