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Pets are extinct for real people

My guild had all 30 members achieve tier 1 in pvp and yet our accumulated potential pet rescue haul was THREE.

To achieve tier 1 in PvP, 20ish battles are required (assuming tier 3s). For 30 people, that comes down to roughly 600 battles. Averaging to 200 battles per pet.

I actually think that’s not awfully far from the average (i assume it’s around 150 but of that i’m not sure ofc). It would be painful during a Vault event though.

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Number of pets doesn’t mean anything. What you’re actually looking for is number of Pet Gnomes encountered. So if there were 600 battles as Mario estimated, you received at least 3 Pet Gnomes over a 3 hour time span, but how many Pet Gnomes were seen when a pet was already active?

Yeah, it has been pretty boring for the devs/publishers to make pet rescues so infrequent/killing PvP/refusing to add Pet Gnomes to Explore. No fun at all.

Maybe the newbies are wasting/spending gems on baskets though to justify this though? It’s all about the bottom line these days and not making the game rewarding to play.

It would be nice if the devs decide to do something about the ridiculous amount of green orbs. For example allowing to consume them to ascend/level pets somehow. 5/10/20 orbs per epic/legendary/mythic ascension or whatever. At least something. Souls are the easiest resource of all so those orbs are basically useless now.

Well pets have become so rare in the game I did some research. Players please add as you track the reasons:

505 come on make some havens in the game for these missing in action pets. Seriously play fair and release more pets.

Urskoala lost in habitat destruction or was that game ruin

Hoglet, hog tied by 505, untie the poor critter

Lucky, well not statistically, come on 505 improve our chances of saving it

Moa, looks truly extinct ,even from a casual google and forum search; hunted out of the game by 505

Minitour, geez 505, keep Theseus out of this; re program pet releases, spawn the critters

Peace Pigeon well look no further than climate change or should this read game changes

Enough nonsense; you control this captivity, release the pets; no more bondage, unfair impoundment, artificial confinement, deep back programming incarceration, give them liberty or well give us game death, oh whoops, seems that is happening already.

Same thing in our guild - we’d get 3-5 pet spawns on a Monday. NONE this week, so far. Business as usual for the guild members, doing loads of pvp…

Popping in to let you know that we haven’t touched the pet gnome spawn rate in PVP.

It’s the player spawn rate in pvp thats changed :wink:


So I went over my notes once more:

February 3-9 - 628 games/10 gnomes (of which Pet Gnomes - 2)
February 10-16 - 1148 games/31 gnomes (of which Pet Gnomes - 10)
February 24-March 1 - 882 games/22 gnomes (of which Pet Gnomes - 4)
March 2-8 - 114 games/7 gnomes (of which Pet Gnomes - 3)
March 9-15 - 595 games/17 gnomes (of which Pet Gnomes - 6)
March 16-22 - 606 games/20 gnomes (of which Pet Gnomes - 5)
March 23-29 - 400 games/13 gnomes (of which Pet Gnomes - 1)
March 30-April 5 (week still in progress, obviously) - 198 games/1 gnome (of which Pet Gnomes - 0)

(and I must soften the statement I put on Things that make me angry… thread - there wasn’t 500+ petgnomeless streak after all, since I somehow missed that one unfortunate geezer last week when making the said post, but it doesn’t change the overall point, namely, that)

there can be huge frustrating streaks of games without seeing a Pet Gnome that - quite unsurprisingly - is the only one I actually want to encounter in PvP (other are - oh, whatever…).

Bigger part of the problem, I suppose, is people generally playing much less PvP for various reasons and, consequently, often rolling petgnomeless games when they play those few matches (due to Pet Gnome encounter chance being what it is).


I don’t believe this whatsoever. A top 10 guild getting 2 to 3 pet chances per week? Perlleez don’t mock us with advocacy of a party line that is clearly untrue. Many players have offered “constructive feedback” on this in other threads
It continues to be ignored and your apathy continues unabated. You will be a worthy politician @salty because you are more than willing to endorse illicit statements to earn your paycheck.

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Based on your data, there seems to be a pet gnome each 147 battles. Seems that my assumed average of 150 wasn’t that far off :slight_smile:

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Our guild totals for the last week. Starting from most recent to oldest.

Spawnrate hasn’t been touched. You can put back your tin foil hat away.


Based on zero supporting data (other than everyone does their share) this is meaningless.