Petition to weekly winter imp on consoles

i think winter imp is the most radical looking dude of all cards and i dont even care what skill he has i just want that card, but i cant habe that card because you… the gow devs havent added him to ps4(my console) and xbogs(not my console) yet.

So make that positive change! be the change! be the love! be the winter imp friend, his best friend.

Look at the face of the winter imp:

“im winter imp” -winter imp.

Now tell… HIM… you dont love him… you cant can you… exactly.

So now that its official that hes the best looking card please make him available next week-event and yes i know its spring-summer transition and not winter but we need some cool refreshments when its hot.

Thanks in advance your best ps4 player wskill who plays this game since he was an old man wich is a few years ago but i trimmed my beard now.