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Pet Event Notification Failure

Sometimes when a new pet event is triggered by a guildmate the event does not start/activate on my end and I receive no notification. I must restart the game in order to participate. I’ve made an announcement in guild chat requesting guild members to use guild chat to alert their teamates should they happen to trigger a pet event. This serious bug will cause many to loose pets they could have rescued.

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You’re absolutely right. And it’s a known issue.
Besides restarting the game you can also make the event start for you personally by…

  • winning a PvP match (casual or ranked)
  • winning an arena match

According to the devs, this is working as intended:

So, I suppose this should be a feature request.

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You can also do explore wich is the best solution imo cause you can’t trigger a pet gnome and you don’t need to decide if you keep it or sacrify him :slight_smile:


@Ashasekayi Is correct. It has also already been added to the Feedback/suggestions to pass onto the dev team :slight_smile:

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Generally, I find that if I go into eg the Guild menu and then exit out again to get the “loading” wheel, it will refresh and give you the notification.

Get an out-of-game chat app (LINE, discord, etc.) and make sure people post whenever they trigger one. These apps allow you to get notifications, so it makes a world of difference. Plus, a lot of people still can’t use the guild chat right now (like me),

Okay. Thank you to all who responded! I will inform my guildmates that this “bug” is actually a “feature” designed to prevent one’s battle from being interrupted by Pet Rescue Event Notification. (:->