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(Not bug; working as intended) Pets: Event is not detected

Platform, device version and operating system
Windows x64

Screenshot or image
Not needed.

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened
After I received confirmation from clannie about Pet Hunt start, nothing happens. There is no pet in Games, and it not activated after entering/leaving any menu.

Full client restart or starting/finishing any battle fixes it.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
I got this twice today.

Steps to make it happen again

  1. Other clannie starts 1-hour pet hunt.
  2. Nothing happens, if you are not in battle.
  3. Enter/leave battle or restart client fixes the ussue.
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Also noticed, it’s always like this. The rescue triggers when you finish any battle.

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Pretty sure intended this way. Collecting tribute will also trigger it.

They’ve stated all along you need to FINISH a battle for the event to pop up

It is inconsistent. A specific type of server contact has to happen for pet rescue notification to pop up. From what I’ve seen, that would be the one that happens when you enter game, the one that does a check in after you’ve been idle for a while (which can also trigger the offers popup), or the one that happens after battle. I’ve triggered a rescue on one account and then collected tribute on another in the same guild immediately after and my rescue did not appear. However, sometimes after collecting a tribute (and presumably after being afk long enough to trigger the idle-check in) you’ll get the notification and be able to enter the pet rescue. But sometimes, you’ll be able to enter the rescue and then get the notification after you’ve completed the first battle of the rescue.

This is what I would consider a bug - the wild inconsistency. Every instance of server contact (eg., checking mail, collecting tributes, opening a key) should allow you to enter an in-progress rescue, not just specific ones. If it was intended to only check post battle, it should only check post battle, but it clearly isn’t. And there should never be a situation where a pet rescue becomes enterable without generating the popup that it is available, only to have the first battle of said rescue giving you the popup.

I agree with this wholeheartedly. But somewhere one of the devs listed 3 or 4 things that triggered rescue notifications and they said something to the effect that they chose some of the most common server contacts as triggers (i.e. end of battles, etc) but not every type of contact will cause the notices.

No idea why it was done this way, just that it was and a dev verified it had been intended. Be damned if I can find it though.