Penalize empowered troop placement in GW defenses

The advent of the latest empowered troops such as Moon Rabbit, Leprechaun, has skewed the skill vs. luck factor in Guild Wars greatly toward luck - specifically starting board luck.

Luck already plays a big role in any GoW battle but when players are setting up defenses in the hope that a starting board fracks the attacker then the notion that any skill is involved is significantly diminished.

Similar to the unique troop defense bonus in place, I propose an empowered troop penalty for any placed on defense. This amount should be equal to the bonus one would get by placing an otherwise unique troop - 500 points.

This change would allow some skill to return to the battle board and promote more creativity on defense.


I agree completely. It’s dumb how often the ai empowered gets a perfect board. You almost have to run your own empowered just to counter it. Might as well just take the gems away and play street fighter.

Nerf this nerf that. Change this change that.

I see what you saying. But you also making things complicated for the devs.

And we dont need more complication on this game. Its already full of it

You have a big advantage on every match, as you have always the first turn. So you can manipulate the board, that AI’s empowered troops don’t get 4-matches. In best cases you can even manipulate it, that the empowered troop is granting you a 4-match.

I read always a lot of stuff with “skill” related to that game. But lets be honest… When we check, how the game changed in the last months, then it’s not really skill required. In the last 2 weeks we got 2 skullspawner starting with full mana. In combination with storms and all the lightningstrikes it often just need one 4 match and you win in one turn already and often you don’t even need to match one gem. This game sadly lost its roots a long time ago already. There isn’t much left of a match 3 puzzle game. Just casting, casting, casting and looping, looping, looping.

OP is not a nerf proposal :man_shrugging:

And the complication for the devs is of their own creation so I do not understand your point.

Where’s my advantage? This was in PvP so not a huge deal.
But the same board could easily happen in GW.
Where offense has troop restrictions. But defense pretty much doesn’t other than an incentive to use unique troops.
My solution is to remove color restrictions completely. Or add them to GW defenses.
The devs don’t care about GW so they don’t design troops with GW as a factor.


Nerf these and then everyone will just use “Fast” defenses instead - and, wait for it … everyone will complain about those.


And muting this.


I know it ain’t. But that’s all there is in this game. create nerf balance make it worse.fix it back again.

And why do you think they create complicated things. Have you ever thout about that.

Cos they don’t know what they create. They just create for the sake of creating something.
Not that it would make sense.

All I’m saying. Do not make things complicated for them. Especially GW. The last players favorit game mode.

There are only a handful of defenses that win even 30% of the time in guild wars. Empowered converters are a part of most of those teams. Take those away (or penalize the use of them) and we might as well just start handing everyone 5/0 9600 pts guild wars results every day and not bother playing.

I get hit by those empowered converters as much as the next person but they are fine. I give them similar defenses during guild wars and I get some wins against other people in return.

Guild wars is the only mode in that game that isn’t either a faceroll or ridiculous scaling level event with purchasable leaderboards. That is what makes guild wars my favorite mode (both setting defenses and going on the attack). Take that away and any semblance of skill (with a bit of luck) is gone from the game.


Could you not encourage the devs to mess with guild wars? GW undergoing significant changes means I finally walk away from this game.

If is pvp use a team that has a empowered troop that changes or removes the color that the opponent empowered will use. Do the same in GW just get less points and use it even if the troop does not uses the day’s color.

Rather than just no empowered, GW could be like arena, no traits on any troops. No weapon bonuses.

That’ll make for more of a challenge I think. :+1: