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Card Banning System

What about a Rotational Troop Banning system for PVP and Guild Wars? Each week or season 2 or 3 random troops from each kingdom and for the hero weapons 2 weapons put into this pool and are not able to be used in either defense or attack teams in Guild wars or PVP teams. this would help in breaking up the repeat teams seen in both areas

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I like this… I’ve suggested the troops can only be used once across the entire guild.

I see what you’re going for, but it would really solve the problems, let me explain. Let’s say this week King Gobtruffle was banned, Awesome right? No, it would ONLY stop truffle teams, but rope dart, skeleton key, etc teams would still be usable with are just as bad. So banning one troop would really do jack.

But let’s say you banned a whole array of troops, let’s say you banned Peasant, Moon Rabbit, Qilin, Egg Thief, Maraj Queen, King Gobtruffle, Champion of Anu and every other troop and weapon that is involved in an OP/meta team. Yes, this would make it harder, but that also wouldn’t really stop the problem as now it is almost impossible to lose in a PvP. Human players are smarter that AI, yeah? Well yes, and that is the issue, if players think ahead even a little bit then they will always win because the AI in GoW can’t think ahead at all, it only knows a few comands and what to do in the momentt, it’s not really an AI that can think ahead. Like I said though, I can see what you were going for, and it wasn’t a bad idea at all, but I just don’t think it would work :confused:

I don’t think one week’s ban is enough for the Peasant meta. Gets me every damn time.


for GW, this would be a penalty for guilds full of new players who have limited card rosters

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I’m in favor of this system if it bans Mercy from the AI in all future bounties.
A lube emoji should of been included in the Tier purchase.

I know right! Peasant is so OP, it needs to be nerfed like real bad XD

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That might be but if they are new or low lvl they might be already using off colored teams or double troops of the same color. so it would not effect them as much as it would if they already had a meta defense team in that case they would be a mid lvl player.

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