Bonus for 4 troops with a similar color need a buff

So with the Guild Wars we will be “invited” to use teams with one similar color. It reminds me that the bonus for having 4 troops with one similar color is just useless… Here is my ideas:

  1. change +X to Mastery to +X% to Mana Surge
  2. OR change to Gain bonus Y Mana from Y Gem matches.

Also I think it could be nice to add a bonus when you have 3 troops with one similar color.


i think guild war fights are MENT to be harder, dont think buff is needed, cmon im excited about the new chellenge, dont make it too easy :grin: (at least not before we try for a week or two)


The game itself is already easy enough, don’t add more sugar into the picture please…


also in guild wars ppl are “suppose” to have higher invade loose ratio then the 0%-5% otherwise whole guild war ranking will be pointless kinda xD
imagine a standard where top 200 guilds all do 30 perfect wins x 30 members

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I am sorry but this topic is not about Guild Wars difficulty:

  1. the current bonus is totally useless.
  2. I don’t see how “Gain bonus Y Mana from Y Gem matches.” can make suddenly battles super easy… You have to “feed” 4 troops with this color so I don’t see how +1 mana to matches in this color will be so powerful.
  3. This bonus is not only applied in Guild Wars, it’s currently useless in all other modes (PVP, Arena, etc.) :wink:
  1. yes
  2. it can, i dont know will it but there is possibility while:
  3. sure it would affect all game modes but guild war will be the place where it will affect it with the biggest impact - thats why we should wait and see first how guild wars single color fights and ranking turn out before making a balance change that could greatly affect it

Time to rez this topic.

So now that we have some experience about GW, don’t you think a rework of this bonus could help to balance a little? :slight_smile:

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Honestly GW just needs to be redone. Forcing mono color teams is a bad mechanic, and is terrible team building. If anything it should encourage having troops of different colors, not same colors.

To point, yes, there should be either a percentage buff to mana mastery or static +1 to that color gem matches. 25 mastery is probably not even worth half of a percent at level 300 lol