Really, the easiest way to fix GW is

if you pick a troop, it’s locked for the rest of the week. So no double or triple in a team or using the same annoying build for each day. So in short, you’ll need to use 30 different troops. You would still be able to use the forest team, apopsion and the weekly meta along with some other more ‘inventive’ troops. You can even put some team tactics in it and use your stronger teams against stronger guilds. I think this is easy feasable to execute programming wise too.

And for all I care , the same can be applied to offense teams too.

Please like or comment if you think this is a good idea so the devs pick it up.

Thx, Bjorn.

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Im sorry i just dont like removing choices or options so its a no for me

They have already said that with the crafting update we will get a defense screen where we get to lock in 6 different teams for the week and will get extra points for it.

This next one is the big one though, and actually has me quite excited. It’s the idea of a Defense Menu where you can properly set up your defenses. The reason we’d like to go to a defense menu is that I think we could do something a little sneaky and different, and that is giving a bonus to your weekly points for how many different troops you use in a week’s defense teams! For example, use all 24 troops as different, and you get the maximum multiplier. You could still put the same team in every day, but your multiplier would be small, since you would have only used 4 troops for the week. This system WOULD require your defenses locked in on Day 1, but we have a few more logistical issues to figure out before we begin any work on it!

Maybe read old threads before starting up a new one for the same old talk.

That is in here, I didn’t get it to quote right


You just get more choices :slight_smile:!

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I found that leaving people free to choose just encourages more cheese. Set the rules for them instead.

Woah! No more free choice! image


Exactly! Lol

Im fairly certain that won’t come til 3.1.5 though.