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Pc/mobile task rework

I have noticed a trend since the guild tasks have been reworked and that is that some tasks are more likely to be invested in than others. I am not asking for a nerf to some tasks but instead i think a buff might be needed to the tasks. I do realize that color bias might play a role in how tasks are invested as well as multiple other factors but these other things are harder to fix on the devs area. This is not to take away from guilds that are unable to reach such irregularities as it is safe to assume they hit the cap before a pattern can manifest. This was taken shortly after the reset, however this pattern has slowly been growing over the weeks from when they used to be equal. As a non-top-tier guild this pattern can become an issue that can be fixed by enforcing more rules however i think everyone might agree that they want more rewards for each gold invested into a task. So has any guilds noticed a trend in how guild tasks are completed? What do your guilds masteries look like?

Difference are not meaningful.

We do not patch a crack until it becomes a crevice. The difference might be 3 levels of themselves, however that means the differences are at least worth a minimum of 5k or more per level, and those differences grow more each week, this is the biggest they have gotten so far, and the difference has had a gradual growth. Also notice that the yellow task, which awards glory keys is the least invested vs the glory task which is invested the most (red task). That either means that the glory task is underpriced(nerf) or the yellow task is overpriced(buff). From my data on a guild that regularly donates near a million gold each week, the yellow task needs a buff in rewards especially since the glory task becomes a gem key task after level 3.

That won’t happen given that each set of tasks gives the same amount of glory.
If you want then to even out coordinate your guild, don’t ask for task buffs. There is no reason for one tasks to grow faster then the others.

We started guild patch with everything on 71.
Now it’s from left to right: 77, 75, 74, 74, 80, 74

The rewards are imbalanced. Red/green/blue are close enough resource wise to be roughly equal but the glory key tasks have a worse return on investment (both comparing to the old task system, and comparing with something measurable, like the average number of legendaries you’d loot from equal levels of red/blue in the current task system). What I can’t explain is why your purple is so high if you never reach high enough to go for the magic bonus, since this is even worse RoI than glory keys. Souls are a worse investment than prepatch by task 6, and prepatch they were already universally considered not worth ever putting gold towards.

I think it is part of the patch that masteries will just be imbalanced now as part of the give and take and decision making in what you want to go for, which is fine. But the glory key tasks (and aside from the magic buff at the end, the souls task as well) are not in line with the others on any day of the week.


As a guild we have decided we want to finish purple each week. The rest of the imbalance is up to personal preferences of those contributing late in the week.

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The soul rewards for purple are balanced by the +2 magic bonus, which is by far the most useful. The armor bonus of blue is offset by the gem rewards, which are obviously nice to have.

On the other hand, that makes brown utterly pitiful. Gold keys and then glory keys, plus an armor bonus.


I said this when the new system was first released. Tying the task system to the mastery system imbalances the mastery system in a way it wasn’t before. A month in, my guild has a +/-4 difference already. I can’t imagine how large the difference would be for a guild just starting out, trying to build their masteries, but not wanting to dump gold into the less valuable tasks. Yellow/Brown masteries are going to lag behind and only get worse over time.

A guild just starting out is more likely, I’d assume, to spread their resources around evenly on whichever color task is cheaper at the moment. Presumably, that makes this less of an issue for them. Then for larger guilds, of course, they’re finishing every task every week so it’s an irrelevant issue for them.

How it affects guilds in the middle, I couldn’t say.

I would think some tasks are not worth as much as others, our red task gets to level 3 before Monday ends and then other tasks such as blue and brown are the next invested. The gold keys i understand as they are cheaper per key early into the task and they have a fall off at level 3/4 where they are then more expensive then regular gold keys. The blue task is also well spent into as it gives a good ratio of gems to gold that seems worth investing into. Green and maps seem to note worthy as my guild is a “trainer” guild. This also follow suit with the purple task because well souls are needed for so many troops.With the red task giving a lot of glory in the first 2/3 levels it makes the glory key task seem less viable even though they might be worth the same amount per glory spent, however one factor of why the red task is done more often is because there is more you can do with glory than you can with glory keys.