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Paywall exposes players to idiotically unfixed bug


Getting Nexus to 4 stars is currently pay-walled.

So this ludicrous bug with personalised daily offers – which should have been fixed in February! – is now affecting every player who won’t shell out your ever-increasing prices.

Do you have any respect left for your players at all?
They certainly don’t have much left for you and the way you run things.

I reckon you owe every single player one Imperial Deed for every week this bug is unfixed.

It’s not even a difficult fix!


So far I am just getting deeds, deeds, deeds… Hope you have a nice offer today.


You’re very lucky. Nonetheless, every time we get a useless offer, it potentially replaces an Imperial Deed. This has been known since February, and became especially acute (and was therefore re-reported) at the end of the Maugrim Woods campaign.

Despite this, there appears to have been zero action, as if the devs just don’t understand how serious it is for players.

So all I can do is waste more and more time re-re-re-reporting it. :angry:


Correct! 100% I am annoyed with that too.


Nah forget that. Book of Deeds of each color … and an Imperial Deed. Its freaking ridiculous. Maybe ramp it up to daily if they can’t fix this stupidity.


Just verifying that you have completed the “Upgrade Nexus to level 10” task that would be ““expected”” to generate this offer (as in, the offer is nonsense but you can easily work around this for this one because you can actually complete the task to remove this offer from the pool) so we can confirm it is generating off of the “Collect 8 Nexus troops” (where you can’t complete the task to remove the offer from the pool if you are F2P because the troops that are flagged as “available” simply aren’t). It would let me add another to my list of possible kingdom tasks which actually generate kingdom track offers, and others could have the benefit of foresight to not get trapped into this situation.


This is why I’m getting key offers again ?

Yes and no. You are getting this one because you haven’t leveled Blighted Lands to Level 16 (ie the first book of deeds level), have an open kingdom power task to do so, and this was never fixed. This specific one will go away if you level Blighted Lands to 16. If you get the offer from “Collect 8 Nexus Troops”, the only way to make it go away would be to… collect 8 nexus troops. Thats if it is associated with this task though, which I can’t be sure without confirmation that the OP didn’t have the “upgrade to level 10” task open when the task was generated. Collecting 8 Nexus troops isn’t possible without dollars or thousands of gems at this point. The text at the bottom tells you which kingdom the offer came from, but not which specific task.

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Or, patience.
I see four characters arriving in a new faction Friday, December 3, according to the TaransWorld site.


That’s why Mithran said “at this point.”

That means now :joy::sweat_smile:

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So? Why does anyone need 8 Nexus characters NOW?
Is patience not a virtue?

Well, that’s the whole point of this thread. The first post states,

That being said, I haven’t encountered this personalized offer, and I haven’t seen anyone else who has encountered this personalized offer, despite having an open kingdom power task for collecting 8 Nexus troops. I suspect that this offer is really just from not having leveled Nexus to 10.

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Ah. I see it now. Yes, the OP shows a bug in the game.
Thank you for reminding me.