The hidden cost of Paid Content

Spend $10 or $25 to support the charity that is Gems of War.

Get spammed with useless daily offers due to a 7 month old bug that the Devs will fix when they get around to it. Perhaps they could use the same lack of motivation when it comes to cashing our metaphorical checks.

In other words, what bugs did 5.5 ACTUALLY fix?


Glad I’m not the only one to think the same :wink: (and I’ve only been playing a couple of months, give or take lol)


same stupid problem with weapons and ingots (offering me ingots in place of a new weapon)


I Enhanced 10 troops before I did my arena runs.
My reward???

That exact same offer 3 times. Had I not enhanced the troops, I’m sure I would of been spammed with more troop offers. But because I cleared that bench mark. RNG broke and I was bugged in a different way. 🤦

As kingdom power level potential continues to increase, this being fixed should move up the priority list.

I know that supposedly medaling your troops causes that offer to go away, but my kingdom helper offer is now giving me chaos shards and other things that aren’t blocking my progress either. (As far as I know I don’t have faction renown as a requirement anywhere)


That doesn’t kick in until here:

And Leonis Empire is the only Kingdom capable of 25 Stars at this time.


The daily offer when needing to get the kingdom to level 16 (which requires deeds, books of deeds and imperials) is equally annoying, and should be fixed too:


It would be great if these issues would be solved.

Otherwise just change the text to what it actually is “Kingdom Balancer” since the tasks that would help players are blocked out on purpose. But the AI is told to select something, so it selects offers that don’t actually help.

If the goal is to spend gems. Why the frank does it matter what players are offered?

You can’t (as in 505 Games or Infinity Plus 2) say you are worried about “balance” now with those who pay and who are free to play. As things like the Campaign passes, Tarot Cards and straight up money for Imperial Deed offers exist. Find a new :ox::poop: Excuse not to offer players what they ACTUALLY need for Kingdom Star progession.