P.V.P battles is boring!

All we do is fight the same line up even the same line up after we refresh with one gem. I wish each battle was RANDOM!!! Billions of people and all i fight is the same line up of players and the A.I. just repeats a certain number of players it Picks all the time. I want a major update in P.V.P where we fight different players in casual and ranked P.V.P. Where we fight a player only once and that’s it just someone we haven’t seen again for the day!!!


LOL I understand your frustration.

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At least 50k play PVP each week so it baffles me how narrow the selection is. I get that revenge battles mean seeing the same team again but still, it’s crazy narrow.

I’d also love to see some weighting in favour of people using relatively rarely used cards so you don’t just keep seeing the same 4 or 5 meta teams


It’s annoying, there are so many players and you just keep cycleing the same 20 or 30. Why don’t i see everyone?


I recall some time back reading something that suggests there’s a heavy bias towards picking opponents from the group of players currently active within PvP. Which would make sense that you see the same handful of opponents over and over again if you sit for a decent-length session of PvP, or why you see a greater variety of opponents on a Monday morning when many people play a bunch because of Campaign Tasks or to restore their ranking to Class 1.