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Always the same enemies in PvP is really boring

It has been said in other topic I’m sure but now it’s even getting worse. :unamused:
When I’m playing PvP I keep getting the same enemies over and over again. If I had to rely on the enemies I encounter in PvP I would think there are only 20 or so people playing PvP.
This is in both modes, ranked and casual, it’s come to a point I can predict which enemy I’m gonna get next …
So PLEASE dev’s do something


People would bitch if their secret teams got revealed, but guild wars defence teams are not secret.
A 20% chance to fight someone’s random GW defence team would add variety and possibly be non-controversial.

Meh. I’d prefer to fight the same easy team over and over, than refresh through hard teams. PVP is just for class XP anyways - variety? Meh.

According to this at least 51k players have done at least one PvP match this week. :sweat_smile:

You can (maybe?) tag @Lyya or @Saltypatra and ask them to delete your account for you.

Or just, you know, not log into the forum in the future, to read or post :man_shrugging:


If you want to play easy games just for XP sake then do explore level 1 fights, guaranteed to win and you even get some traitstones too.

Easy pvp is twice as fast? Class leveling is a horrid experience. Other ways to “challenge” myself

Yes its every other match. Plus the revenge battles dont come very often even though i have 70 pvp losses . Also if player is 0-0 in pvp and you fight them it is not recording that loss in players history. They are still 0-0. .pvp is all screwed up.