Overall VS Seasonal Victories?


I notice we have a tally for overall victories and seasonal victories. Does this tie back with the initial plan for guilds to reset every three months?


I assume so, but it has been over 3 months with no reset for that number.


I think this is actually tied to their PVP plans. Which may or may not be in the guild plans. I think it was separate.


It was originally planned for guilds, but I think they realized that resetting every guild to 0 trophies may cause “some” conflict - GoW’s equivalent of WW1. :stuck_out_tongue:

It is still the same basis regardless. After X days, a new season starts and rewards are handed out based on wins. I really hope the next season starts soon after 1.0.9 or even with it. I have a feeling we may not see it until 2.0 at the earliest.

@Sirrian. Any idea when? :3


Oh don’t know that. How is overall and seasonal victories works?:confused:


I dunno… I think that would be very cool.
Would spice up the participation drive for all the top guilds, and give the latecomers a chance to prove themselves.

I used to play a different game where all the resource territories Reset Weekly, and it was basically world war between all the guilds each week, and the winners get ownership rights until the next reset. Very bloody. Very violent. With lots of screaming, yelling, cussing, ranting, and howling. :imp:

Usually you see the top guilds beating out all the challengers, but occasionally there’re still surprises from guilds no one heard of before. It was actually quite entertaining. Can we make this happen? @Sirrian? @Nimhain?


GoW is set up around single player individual play, not guilds entirely. It is why they decided to make weekly and seasonal resets individual, rather than guild based.

I wouldn’t mind guild trophy resets, but there would definitely need to be a hefty compensation for the top 50 or even 100 guilds, especially the first time it occurs.