Original Rarity Identification on Ascended Troops

I see there are already a couple requests to sort troops by base rarity. I would like to see a slight twist on that.

I would like to see something permanent on the card that visually identifies the troop’s base rarity. The reason is that level upgrade costs are tied to base rarity. If I have two blue troops that can be upgraded, one may be considerably cheaper, and it would be nice to know without drilling through another menu or two to check. Also, if I have multiples of those blue troops, the base rarity tells me how many times each has been ascended, and I will know at a glance what the troop cost is for the ascension to purple.

My problem is that I am getting to the point where I can’t recall any more. I no longer have any common cards (I mean white ones.) So yay (I think.) But I’m starting to lose track of which are which. I know them all within a level either way, but some of the ones that I never use and seldom see are difficult to keep straight.

I note that each card identifies rarity two ways: by number of stars (none for common to 4 for Legendary) and by color. My suggestion would be that the number of stars never changes (to identify original rarity) but that color does change to show ascension.

Finally, I will add my thoughts on sorting by base rarity, which isn’t the subject of my thread: I would like to be able to both sort by original rarity and ascended rarity.


Not sure how much it would help you, but there’s an easy way to tell Commons from the others:
Commons always take a single mana color, while any other rarity always take two colors (with the exception of seasonal imps).

The two ways are so that colourblind players can tell rarity as well as we lucky colour vision folk, so your suggestion would disadvantage them.

It’s not a sorted list, but if you want to know a Troop’s original level you can look them up on the Troop List here on the website.

I already have that downloaded in a database. I guess I could just try to memorize them. There aren’t that many. But it is information that I find helpful when I am browsing through my troops screen, and I don’t want to have to exit the screen, look them up, then reload the game (yeah, that’s ios for you). Since it does have an effect on the management of your troops, I wish it was accessible quickly and easily.