Quickly Identifying Base Rarity

I love the ascend system, but one of the things that still bugs me is the inability to quickly identify the base rarity of an ascended card. I have played since 1.0.5 so I am fairly good at remembering what cards were what but I still feel the need to check when planning 3-star leveling or disenchanting/ascending. Would it be possible to leave the corner of the ascended cards underneath the kingdom logo as the base color for quick identification? Does this bother anyone else?



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Yes I agree this bothers me… Maybe some sort option, or a view option to toggle base rarity / current (ascended) rarity in the troops view main screen…

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+1 in support of this.

This^^ if it was a filter on the troops screen or toggle in the options i wouldn’t mind it.

Right now each card has four ways of conveying information about its current rarity: color, number of stars, edge design, and the actual words on it. Maybe one of those (presumably not color) could be a permanent fixture denoting base rarity.

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I would love to be able to isolate my Ultras or something similar. But I can’t. According to the game I don’t have any.

If you go to the Disenchant interface tab, the cards shown will be in their base rarity


A small C,R,U,E,L in the bottom left or right corner on each card wouldnt hurt.


How did I not notice the rarity tiers spelled a word.


That would work very well. They could put it between the level and name. White for C, green for R, blue for U, purple for E, and orange for L.

I can’t believe no one noticed C,R,U,E,L until now. Maybe because waiting for this patch to finally roll around is cruel. xD


I may be slow at times, but saw that one ages ago, here and in other games… assumed everyone knew it, or I’d have written it here to appear witty and clever…

I’ve never seen it in other games b/c normally there’s an “Uncommon” rarity. It’s so weird to me that it jumps from Common to Rare.

I do rather say that all letters(CRUEL) should be black. Its a little uneccessary to color them since the characters says it all.

That’s a good idea. I’d like “Base rarity” to be also added to sorting order options in Troops menu.

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Definitely a big plus if we could sort on base rarity.

Yes it is irritating since it is important to know when selecting them for various reasons.

I think it would be awesome if the border changed when you leveled up, but the stars under the portrait stayed with the original rarity level.


This is a brilliant idea! Can we have this, devs? Please?