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Orb weaver class when?

Does anyone have any info on when the new class will be unlocked? :slight_smile:

I got the official answer!



Soon… (too soon?)

Harambe is ‘too soon’ :wink:

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My current speculation is it will arrive with guild update but since we still don’t have any news on that it seems like rather long considering its been some times since we can see it in game.

Mid-late October for guilds. Sirian gives a time line in official news future on xbox ps4

That’s the date for consoles. On pc/mobile it should arrive early to mid September.

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I anticipate it coming in the next two weeks, but that is purely speculative.

As Don Boba said, that what Sirian was saying for mid-late october for guild only applies to console version.

As for when Orbweaver is coming… Soon TM
(hopefully before end of next week)


Yay, more mobile / PC alpha testers lol

You say it like it’s a bad thing getting to play new stuff before others can xD

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You mean play test lol

I’ll say it like that and you say it the way you like it :slight_smile:

If the 3rd trait was to summon dokkalfar and the weapon covered yellow then we are talking a one man army of the spiders.

It’s not that way.


What’s with the “[x100]”?

I’m probably interpreting a value incorrectly in the spell effects. It’s possible the 100x refers to a percentage chance to get an extra turn.

I’ll look into it.

Ya i know about what it currently was, just wish they would just give dokkalfar some love instead of replacing him with a hero class.

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