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[Spoiler] New player class

We had a little ninja update, and this was added:

So I had a little peek in the game-files and this is the info I found:
(EDIT: updated with some info from the GoW database)


  • Silken Armor (The Hero gains +8 Armor)

  • Dark Mana (The hero gains +2 Magic)

  • Dark Mastery (The Hero counts as a Mystic for Team Bonuses.)


  • Nature Heart (Gain 1 Life for each Green ally.)

  • Mana Shield (Immunity to Mana Burn.)

  • Familiar (40% chance to summon a Giant Spider when enemies deal Skull damage.)

New spell (for the new weapon I presume):

Spider Totem (12 green) (Deal [Magic+1] damage to an enemy and drain their Mana. If the enemy is Webbed, gain an extra turn.)


P.S. Orbweaver is a spider family . :wink:


As a spider rider and user of both dokkalfar, giant spider, and baby spider, i look forward to this class.

Uploaded new files, and the class is visible in the Gems of War Database as well, here (don’t click it if you don’t wish to be spoiled!).


A whole family actually:

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Thanks! Updated some info. :slight_smile:

Your CSS gets broken when there are no images though (at least on Firefox), you should add
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Does the 3rd trait not seem like it will occur multiples times each battle?

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Yeah, but that IS the idea. Rather easy to bypass by means of Khorvash, Psion and Bat, so meh…
For skull damage based builds, though, unless you kill the hero in one shot, it could get tedious.
Spiders are a nasty bunch, are they? Austrailan ones even more so. :joy:

If you dont scout then skull based teams will have a pain in the backside with it. Percentage seems too high

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I don’t think that the percentage is too high, however. Placing the hero in front of the team will most likely never trigger the summon, cause there will be no empty slots for the Great spider. Unless someone kills off 2nd, 3rd or 4th troop via spell damage, but those cases should be rare. And if the hero is placed in last position, you can simply buff your damage dealer and one shot it with skulls. Also, a stun inducer like Khopeshi, Manticore or Khorvash will make mince meat out of it.
I never run pure skull damage teams that much, but even so, the trait is not that great.

Interesting that the class weapon is pure green, implying the class has a magic bonus when wielding a green weapon, while the trait summons a 13 mana green-using purple converter that, presumably, will go in front of the hero if the trait happens to trigger (as it is highly more likely for stuff in front to die first due to skulls) thus blocking green mana while not offering any synergy unless they happen to be also using Crescendo or just take the 5 magic hit to use a different weapon.

Any skull spam would have absolutely no trouble chewing through one more giant spider, its stray hits from low or debuffed attack troops where the trait would start to be troublesome. Especially if the trait can trigger on any skull hit, not just one that deals damage, which would also include Entangle. Still, its going to be a challenge trying to use the trait to the fullest while actually playing, in something other than a troll/stall defense build, as Giant Spider isn’t wholly useful in the front spot, and unless you are using one of three other troops, you can’t exactly choose where to open up a hole in your team, either. Doesn’t mean I won’t try though.


No doubt it can be countered just as you suggested. I guess it is more a case that I feel auto scouting should be a feature that all users have to allow people to make tactical changes instead of running with the same team forever regardless of who the opponent is


Could use with black beast or sacrificial priest somehow. Both those can open spots anywhere in the line up.

I think the trait looks pretty underwhelming. The teams it would work in appear pretty niche and built solely around maximising the traits effectiveness.

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Yep, those are two of the three I mentioned, the third being the Dwarven Slayer. Black Beast is a staple of mine, but I doubt any team I can throw together to exploit the trait summon would be better than the one I have now that just uses the Giant Spider itself as the summoner. Using Sac Priest would be the most ridiculously circuitous setup, but at least he uses purple himself. And Dwarven Slayer just kinda has a ridiculous mana cost to rely on him actually being able to cast to kill himself without setting your banners or bringing a generator to fill him, which is really counterproductive at that point.

Although… imagine how ridiculous it would be if it applied to the whole team. Then there would be more than a few applications. But it would be ridiculously overpowered at 40% (and extremely annoying even at 5-10%), so that I actually hope thats not the case.


That’s a baby compared to Giant Huntsman Spiders.


I would ride that into battle if i could.


Knowing the direction of where this game has been heading the past 2-3 months, it’s pretty much guaranteed that it will apply to the whole team.

Read the description, no mention of a target, just “when enemies deal Skull damage”.

I see. That problem doesn’t exist in Chrome at least, so I must have overlooked it. I’ll try that out later today and if it doesn’t break other browsers, I’ll add it. Thanks for the heads up.

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I could see it paired with Sacrifical Priest and Mad Prophet. Cast the prophet’s One Time spell, sac it to priest, replace with spider, rinse and repeat.

Gorgotha (for skull defense)
Mad Prophet (for magic boost, then sac fodder)
Hero, Orbweaver, Crescendo
Sacrificial Priest (with fast)

If Priest has fast the mana from Prophet cast will fill it up. Once Prophet is gone and Spider up the spider’s purple gen will fill it up. Certainly a slow build, grinding down the opponent with exploding spiders and Crescendo AE. Also very fragile, if Hero or Priest go down the engine stalls. It’s unique, but not something I’d play.

I think if it finds a use it will be as an annoying defense build