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Orb weaver class request. (may contain spoilers.)

With the released info of the new class orb weaver coming out and that it is not fully designed yet, i request that the third trait or class weapon continue the summoning tradition of summoning a summoner, and this card that i wish to be summoned is dokkalfar! He needs a boost to his spell and if orb weaver summons what he summons then that would be the last straw for him to become useless at any level where he can have the most benefit. By letting orb weaver summon dokkalfar this will open the door to reworking his spell in such a way to make him available for mid and late game player use. This also means that depending on game state only having your hero left does not mean your doom as it can by a come from behind victory. By making the hero weapon work as a dual color with yellow it will be the first kingdom to directly cover all 6 colors and be able to give players the ability to use only their hero on defence in a raid style defence method. A simple skull match could turn into a horde of elves or spiders.


Dokkalfar is good for early game but needs a boost that does not affect giant spider or spider swarm. If orb weaver summons him then the boost to him will just be icing on the cake.

I can see that being the next meta PVP defence moan.

one hero defence that tricks opponents into a web of misery? Ya ok i can see it too.