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Video: Orbweaver Class is Here!

Hello everyone! Today we do the Zhul’kari bonus questline to unlock the new Orbweaver class.

I will be streaming the 250 win grind later today at: https://www.twitch.tv/tacettheterror/



If you had also done a video of fighting those blasted spiders using your lower account, You might not have polished them all off so very quickly, sir. :wink: I had to take a break after the 1st wave, lol. Thanks for the preview. I’ll build up my teams in anticipation.

I am probably the most salty about this class because i had faith that dokkalfar would not get the shaft and lo and behold he not only gets the shaft but he gets the shaft all the way to the knot.

Why are you so hung up on this?

Dokkalfar summons at 100% chance as part of his spell. Orbweaver summons at 50% chance upon damage taken. These are quite different predicates. Dokkalfar was never strong to begin with, and my prediction is the Hero class trait won’t see much more use than he did; possibly on defense, but even there I don’t think it’ll be a common strategy.


It is not just the summoning of giant spider, it is the fact that the hero can deal more damage, remove mana and web a target, gaining an extra turn and is not affected by mab. Basicly, you do not have to charge orb weavers mana just to get giant spider. You can make an easy shut down team with orb weaver unlike with the one man army of dokkalfar who is not good past early game. Think of the frustration of thinking you have the game in the bag until you hit orb weaver, which pops out a giant spider. Then think about how it feels to lose all your magic stats and mana you spent some turns building up. With dokkalfar there was not mana stepping with giant spider, this just feels like a spider ambush. I like dokkalfar but he is one of the few troops that needed one of the biggest reworks after his rework.

If you say so. I still think it’s apples to oranges.

Note that if you are using a green weapon (as the class would ask of you) then you’re at least half-blocked when the spider saves your day. If you’re using Spider Totem, you’re entirely blocked.