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One possible effect of diviner never happens

Platform, device version and operating system
Samsung galaxy s6

Screenshot or image
What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened
_This is simply what you were trying to do and what happened instead. Example:
When i activate diviners effect about 50 times today, she never activates “give all teammates 1 spell power” the other 2 choices happen with 50%chance

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Started playing her today and never got that effect

Steps to make it happen again
Just try to activate the effect

I vote… correct the text and not the power.

I noticed you have Diviner at level 13, and that you don’t have any other bonuses… may I suggest you level her up a bit more to 17, that you note base magic values of Imp of Love and Artema, and make 4/5 gem matches to get Diviner’s magic up before casting it.

As someone who plays with teams where she’s in the first slot, she most definitely does confer the buff, and it’s exceedingly obvious when she does. You might not be noticing it due to the incredibly low amount of magic being given at the moment, and if you’re playing on 4x speed it’s hard to see the magic buff as it’s on your screen for less than half a second. Hope that helps.

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I use Diviner a lot… and see her magic buff effect happen… not as often as the others, but that may be luck / poor data / recall bias… I have certainly had it happen twice in a row a few times, and then see Infernus hit for 80+ base damage…

I have to apologise,after i wrote this diviner used magic buff for the first time…but still im sure it doesnt happen as much as the other 2.


That is certainly possible. There are several instances in the game where two (or more) options do not occur with the same frequency, despite no explicit odds being given.

I can confirm that the Diviner does use both effects. :slight_smile:

“Both” as in “all three”? :thinking: