Brilliance Aura Bug (Not a bug)

Hello Bug Team, I am having an issue currently with the Priest Perk: Brilliant Aura which grants all allies 2 life on 4 or 5 gem matches. It is currently not working with Diviner on my team. Is working fine with Infernus and Dragon Soul on my team. I’m not sure if theirs any troops that also might be bugged like Diviner. I am having this issues across platforms Android and Steam.


If you have her traited then she is getting the life from the hero but is losing it because of her third trait

She loses 2 life on every 4/5 gem match


Maxx, you sir are correct and I am an idiot. Now where is that untrait button… :stuck_out_tongue:


Glad you could get that sorted! Thanks as always @Maxx


@Cyrup He’s the hero this forum diserves.


Always happy to help out when I can.

@Arcemius I love that I wish I could like that post a hundred times

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But she doesn’t lose life from her 3rd trait :wink: