Diviner Transcend Spell bug


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Diviner Transcend spell don’t work as it says.
Its say “Exchange 2 life for 2 Magic…”, but acctualy it work like “Exchange 2 life for 1 magic…”.

Please correct this bug to make her Exchange 2 life for 2 magic.

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Select the Diviner as troop (with Transcend spell enable) > start a battle > make 4/5 gems match > will lose 2 life and gain 1 magic

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It works fine for me, 2 magic for 4-matches.
The magic gain on the spell itself is magic/2+1, maybe that is the reason for the confusion.



The development team has tried to reproduce this issue and is not able to. The Spell is working as described.

What is your language? Have you noticed this issue on PC/Steam as well, or are you only playing on Android?


Playing only in Android (Language: English).
Hero lvl 97
Humilty lvl 17 (Traits: -----)
Diviner lvl 17 (Traits: Transcend)
Justice lvl 17 (Traits: Construct Bond)

Happen every battle



Yes, Diviner has half magic scaling, seeing as she can potentially buff her own magic.