Once a use powers not per card

Is it intentional or a bug? If you have multiples of a troop with a once per battle power only one of them can use the power.

Pretty sure it is intentional, i seem to remember not too long ago you could fire off multi maws and they fixed it so you could not

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Yes, this has been explained as intentional, specifically because of The Great Maw.

It’s also a common complaint, because that is about the only card that didn’t need a 2nd cast to be worth it.

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Cool. I hadn’t realized they had done that until I fought a couple teams that had for the same card and once one of them use the power the others were greyed-out

Yeah, unfortunately this is another of those unintuitive mechanics that you only “get” by experiencing it. I suspect that this nuance is hard to get across in the little blurbs they have as tooltips. (In general, GoW suffers from a lack of concise and accurate wordsmithing, which makes some tasks like looking up spell effects needlessly difficult.)

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Would be fair to ask the devs to change it to once per card, still wouldn’t expect to see 3 maw teams.

Fun fact: The lead designer wanted for no duplicate Troops allowed but compromise was reached with other interested parties, which led to the compromise of dupes being allowed & this odd-ball behavior for certain ones!