Can you help me with 2 questions?

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I’m not sure about two things,maybe it’s a known thing so i wouldn’t like to bother devs with it if it’s allready answered…

First, about Guild Wars, my gildmate and me had all daily color team,both had the same score (5/0), both lost 2 troops total, he in the 3rd match, me in the 4th one. His overall score was higher by 97 pts.
Is that ok, are bonus points for surviving troops awarded differently dependable of opponent rank you’re fighting?

Second, I tried 3 Great Maws in the same team and once one of them casts a spell, all 3 of them gets spell’s drawback so all of them cannot cast even 2 of Maws never casted. That’s how it’s supposed to work or not? Doesn’t seem logical, 2 of them neither gets spell positive effect nor they can cast their own spell.

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Probably fine: the bonus for surviving troops will be a percentage of the base points for that match.

Yes that is how it’s supposed to work. Else Maw would be ridiculously strong. Single shot spells block casts by duplicate troops. The only one I can think of where this seems unfair / unnecessary is Dwarven Slayer, who can’t recast anyway, on account of being dead.


Ok,Thanks for answering. Maw would be too strong, i agree, it would be Maw flood, even worse than BD flood before nerf. Yet, Maw should get something in return for drawback, maybe devour bonuses to spread between multiple Maws in the team.

Maw used to have a percentage devour on skull match, which was broken and went away. The much worse version of that trait came back on Kruarg who rather looks like Maw and references it in his flavor text.

To the first point, the troop survival bonus is 10% of the total. Since the third fight is worth 200 base and the fourth is 400 base, that’s 20 points before color bonuses. Sounds like you where using full color teams so that seems reasonable if you’ve got fairly advanced statues.

here is the equation for Guild Wars

base pts + (base pts X % bonus) = first total + (10% of first total X # of troops alive at end)

keep in mind if the % bonus for that day is 20% then with 4 troops of that color your bonus will be 80%

like my 45% on round 1 with 4 color bonus troops looks like
50 + (50 X 1.8) = 140 + (14 X 4) = 196 total points if all troops were still alive